Protection Coordination

Designing and Coordinating Protection Systems

Selective Power System Protection

Faults in electric power systems are very special events in the life cycle of a public or industrial system, as they can greatly affect or restrict operation. They may also lead to severe damages of installations and equipment and may harm personal safety or the environment. Selective power system protection must take into account the network structure, network elements, different network circuits, and vendor and customer requirements.

Siemens PTI offers:

  • A team comprised of highly skilled experts in all aspects of steady state, dynamic system protection and fault analysis of electrical power systems

  • Equipment protection and coordinated system protection for all voltage levels

  • Protection optimization for industries, utilities, power plants and railways

  • Protection adaptation for future decentralized energy generation and power electronics

  • Instrument transformer dimensioning

  • Digital real time simulation of power supply systems including the communication links between the protections devices

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