Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Prepare for compliance of emerging NERC Reliability Standards with Siemens PTI

Siemens PTI is a long-term partner that delivers complete NERC Compliance Solutions for your business – from providing technical expertise and performing study analyses to offering mock audits and gap analyses to design your NERC Compliance program.

Siemens PTI can translate equipment characteristics into grid impacts and, in turn, translate grid impacts into quantified risk metrics. Our world-renown team provides complete compliance support solutions leading up to, during, and post NERC audit:

  • Expert Knowledge of NERC Standards, power systems, equipment, grid reliability, and risk assessment
       - Verify compliance program technically complete and comprehensive
       - Provide advice on internal monitoring and reporting programs for alignment with evidence of compliance

  • Domain Knowledge of transmission planning, capacity, and stability assessment

Siemens PTI can be a long term partner that transforms the compliance burden to a value-added driver of technical and operational excellence.

To prepare for your upcoming compliance audit, choose an experienced company with a vast resource pool that will provide methods to cost effectively, develop, monitor and manage your compliance program and ensure independent and objective results.

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