Enhance Your Distribution Management System

Enhance your Distribution Management System with a complete set of advanced power system applications. These applications are developed for today’s open computing environment and can be configured as stand-alone systems or integrated with a SCADA/DMS. These seamlessly-integrated options enhance the security, productivity and value of your energy system investments.

From customer to control center

The Siemens Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) provides utilities with a scalable solution to effectively engage with customers, manage and optimize distributed energy resources and automate business processes.

Siemens Spectrum Power™ DERMS provides customers with effective tools to identify reliability issues and optimally resolve these issues within a single, coordinated system.

Comprehensive DERMS portfolio

Spectrum Power™ DERMS includes:

  • Control center software – Enables utilities to monitor the entire system state to achieve reliable, efficient, and optimal network operation

  • Generation and load monitoring

  • Distribution load and generation forecast

  • DER control

  • DER optimization

Why DERMS? - Value proposition

DERMS is an integrated and comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions from Siemens that provides the electrification, automation, and digitalization needed to manage the modern two-way grid.

DERMS is now a critical resource due to the massive influx of distributed generation and available demand response resources onto the grid – it provides and analyzes real-time information about grid performance, solves operational issues, and optimizes the energy supply to meet specific needs or conditions.

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