Enhance Your Distribution Management System

Enhance your Distribution Management System with a complete set of advanced power system applications. These applications are developed for today’s open computing environment and can be configured as stand-alone systems or integrated with a SCADA/DMS. These seamlessly integrated options enhance the security, productivity and value of your energy system investments.

Information Model Manager (IMM)

The Spectrum Power IMM is a powerful desktop data modeling, data maintenance and data exchange tool specifically designed to manage all power system model data for a variety of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), communications, power applications and other enterprise information.

Key benefits

Spectrum Power IMM Reduces Cost by enabling the user to:

  • Quickly create, maintain, and use a highly accurate power system model.

  • Eliminate redundant power system model creation and maintenance cost.

  • Significantly reduce display creation cost with the Auto Display Builder.

  • Significantly reduce costs for topology preparation, verification and maintenance with the Graphical Topology Editor.

  • Minimize data entry errors with wizards and rules-based data verification functions.

  • Minimize personnel training requirements using standard technologies such as Windows 2008 and Oracle.

  • Incrementally merge network model modifications.

  • Browser based UI minimizes work station installation and maintenance efforts.

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