Smart Grid Services - Distribution System Analysis

Economic and environmental concerns are driving government agencies and distribution utility executives to support the integration of Smart Grid technologies including distribution automation, distributed generation, electric vehicles, energy storage and MicroGrids. The impact of the resulting governmental policies and new technologies can have far reaching implications on all aspects of the electric power system from equipment ratings, to protection and control schemes, tariff structures and business processes. Understanding these new technologies and demand response schemes, how they may be deployed and the scenarios under which they may be deployed requires a deliberate and methodology-driven approach with the insight, experience and tools to ensure optimal business decisions.

Siemens PTI uniquely brings a comprehensive understanding and ability to analyze any type of electricity network — from low-voltage or medium-voltage distribution systems to the highest voltage levels for transmission systems. We bring a legacy of world-renowned engineering experience and innovative software and technology to assist you with today’s complex issues. Our comprehensive services range across technical, economic and regulatory disciplines, and include advanced power systems analysis and solution development, expert testimony and industry training, as well as system solution integration. Whether you have an advanced distribution network or are using paper-based asset information, make informed business decisions with the experts at Siemens PTI.

Our capabilities include:

  • Traditional distribution planning

  • Steady-state studies (load flow, short circuit, etc.)

  • Dynamic studies

  • Protective device coordination

  • Reliability studies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Power quality

  • System loss studies

  • Switching optimization and automation

  • Voltage/Var optimization

  • Grounding analysis

  • Equipment sizing

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