Smart Distribution Grids

Distribution automation enables real-time adjustments to changing loads, generation and distribution system failures with or without operator intervention. It requires control of field devices and communications to allow automated decision making in the field and relaying of critical information to the utility control center when it is needed most – during storms and related restoration activities.

Traditionally, utilities have had very little information and even less control of power delivery beyond substations. With the addition of abundant sensors sending millions of data points back to the utility’s control center, there is now the opportunity for distribution automation and a “self-healing” grid.

Siemens’ expertise in advanced distribution analysis and simulation tools, planning studies and field service, combined with automation advancements like distribution management systems (DMS), intelligent substations based on international standards (e.g. IEC 61850), and distribution feeder automation allows us to work with utilities to create a comprehensive solution to create smart distribution grids.

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