DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition 2015

Appreciate the Grid

Visit Siemens at Booth #1719 to see our products, services and solutions all working together, from control house to control center, to create an integrated smart grid solution. With a proven long-term commitment to customer success, energy management integrated portfolio, and end-to-end energy know-how, we are innovators of advanced technology that drive performance for the utility today and into the future

Join Us for a Live Webcast:

When Grid Optimization is Not Enough: Making Cents of Disruptive Change

February 4, 2015, 9:30 - 10:30 AM PST
Broadcast from Conference Room 23, San Diego Conference Center
Continental Breakfast will be provided

Learn how Utilities can protect their existing investment while designing an integrated technology business transformation.

Booth Layout

The Siemens Booth (#1719) will be organized into nine different topics, marked by pylons in the booth, featuring a utility industry topic that involves one or more smart grid solutions. The pylons within the booth will show advanced working solutions that are proven in the industry with emphasis on the proof and featuring best case scenario ROI dashboards. New featured solutions at the booth are Microgrids and OMNETRIC.

Find more information on each pylon below:

Grid Planning

At this kiosk, you will learn about Siemens PTI products and services, with focus on Business Transformation Services and PSS®ODMS, a CIM-based model management and analysis tool.

Featured Solutions:

  • Business Transformation Services: In three phases (six months), Siemens Business Transformation Services (BTS) takes a utility from a vision to a deliberate Managed Transition plan. Then, Siemens implements the plan in a long-term partnership. This approach lowers the risk and enhances the value of grid modernization planning and enables higher value energy services.

  • Network Model Management: PSS®ODMS: Used by transmission planning and operations departments to facilitate the creation, management, exchange, and analysis of CIM-compliant network models for use in long-term planning studies and near-term operational planning. Increases power system security/reliability, and boosts the efficiency of model exchange workflows. Also provides a turnkey solution for NERC-MOD-33 Compliance.

More Information:

Join Us for a Live Webcast: When Grid Optimization is Not Enough: Making Cents of Disruptive Change

February 4, 2015, 9:30 - 10:30 AM PST
Broadcast from Conference Room 23, San Diego Conference Center
Continental Breakfast will be provided

Grid Operations Management

Modernize your control center systems, improving reliability and efficiency. At this kiosk, you will learn about Siemens Smart Grid Spectrum Power™, including Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS).

The Control Center

Our grid operations solutions are located within the booth control center.

Featured Solutions:

  • Spectrum Power™ ADMS/EMS: Siemens Spectrum Power™ solutions help you improve reliability and efficiency. This advanced platform provides your operators with tools to better manage outages, reduce time to locate faults, visualize protection schemes, manage voltage profiles, and optimize your distribution network.

Meter & Consumer Information Management

Provide customers with a wealth of data were usage and price are clearly linked.  Learn how to engage your customers and improve customer satisfaction. Maximizing customer engagement while increasing operational efficiency
Siemens Energy Engage and Energy Engage Mobile application brings near-real time smart grid information in the hands of utility customers.

Featured Solutions:

  • Energy Engage & Energy Engage Mobile: Siemens Energy Engage helps utilities connect with customers and delivers dynamic data based on their preferences. With detailed usage and pricing data, customers will better understand their consumption and be empowered to make better energy and water usage decisions. Utilities can also provide Energy Engage Mobile to their consumers to meet energy efficiency and customer satisfaction goals, and compliment engagement initiates around smart grid programs.

Customer Management & Consumer Analytics

Understanding customers is ultimately the key to a successful business. Hear more on how the Siemens solution can help your utility maximize your business value. EnergyIP is an integration platform that collects, processes and merges consumption data with a wide range of data sets and operations within the utility. It serves as the underlying data infrastructure for a wide range of applications like outage management, asset optimization, demand response, and consumer engagement.

Siemens Analytics Suite will help you can gain immediate ACTIONABLE insight into your data . It will help your utility become more efficient, quickly respond to business and regulatory needs, and deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Featured Solutions:

  • EnergyIP Analytics Suite: Siemens Analytics Suite will help you can gain immediate ACTIONABLE insight into your data . It will help your utility become more efficient, quickly respond to business and regulatory needs, and deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Distributed Resource Management

Manage all aspects of your DR programs through a single, integrated system. Hear how Siemens DRMS solves the challenge of creating an automated, integrated, and flexible demand response solution.

Siemens Demand Response Management System (DRMS) is a proven software platform that allows utilities to manage all aspects of their demand response (DR) programs through a single, integrated system. DRMS solves the challenge of creating an automated, integrated, and flexible demand response solution:

  • Scalable in a cost effective manner by automating the manual processes that are typically used to execute DR events and settlement.

  • Capable of fully integrating with utility systems to leverage investments in Smart Grid technology.

  • DR resources can be used in a more intelligent and efficient way by planning and executing load shed at grid locations where the utility has more benefit.

Featured Solutions:

  • DRMS & VPP: Demand response is a temporary measure to meet grid peaking capacity requirements.  The need to purchase expensive peaking power on the wholesale market to satisfy demand can be expensive.  Lately, utilities are seeking to automate demand response processes and offer their industrial, commercial and residential customers value-added services within their demand-side management programs.
    Because demand response is a form of power generation, it can be used as a cost-effective way to reduce the need to purchase expensive whole power from inefficient forms of peaking generation.

    Utilities are also increasingly relying on demand response tools, like Siemens Demand Response Management System (DRMS), for their cost-effectiveness and relatively short implementation times.

Substation Automation

Siemens offers substation protection & control, automation and communications hardware and software technologies including protective relays, meters, digital fault recorders, switches, routers and embedded controllers. Siemens’ suite of protection, automaton and communications solutions provides the utility with fully digital substations design.  These solutions provide a seamless approach that is cost effective, environmentally robust, cyber secure and feature rich resulting in a system that meets the demands of the North American modern grid.

The Control House

Our substation automation solutions are located within the booth control house.

Featured Solutions:

SICAM Substation Automation

  • Integrated Data Concentrator and HMI

  • Complete Testing and Commissioning Software Suit

  • Automatic fault record  retrieval and analysis with double-ended fault location

SIPROTEC Protection and Control

  • Improved cost-efficient substation design, to replace CT/PT copper wire with fiber

  • DG source integration and protection into existing lines

  • Outage detection and prevention

  • T&D protection with less relays & more redundancy
    ion and Control

RUGGEDCOM Multi Service Communications Platform, Booth #1923

Communications products that have been specifically designed and tested to withstand the demands of the substation environment.

  • Support IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 (electric power substations)

  • Zero-Packet-Loss technology for fiber-based networking devices

  • IEEE 1613 class 2 error-free performance under EMI stress

  • Fiber optic ports supporting both short and long haul fiber

  • -40°C to +85°C

  • Passive cooling – no fans

  • CSA/UL 60950 safety approved to +85°C

More information:

Siemens RUGGEDCOM iPAD Mini giveaway at DistribuTECH San Diego: To enter the Contest, Siemens RUGGEDCOM booth visitors (the “Participants”) must have their badge scanned by a Siemens booth representative and fill out a ballot.There will be one (1) prize draw per day, with a total of two (2) prizes available to be won.  Each prize will be an Apple™ iPad Mini™ (16GB), approximate retail value of $250USD each. Drawings will occur on February 3, 2015 at 5 p.m. PST and February 4, 2015 at 4 p.m. PST at Siemens RUGGEDCOM booth #1923.

Decentralized Energy

Many utilities see the distributed energy market space as an attractive growth area and are looking to evaluate how best to address opportunities from a technical, financial, and regulatory perspective.  Siemens is a valuable partner throughout the entire Microgrid project development and lifetime.

Siemens’ Microgrid team develops comprehensive solutions for distributed energy applications.  From renewable integration to full-islanding projects, Siemens provides technical solutions including products, services, consulting, financing, and more.

Featured Solutions:

  • Spectrum Power 7 Microgrid Management System (MGMS): Spectrum Power 7 is an advanced software solution for utilities or end-users to manage and control distributed energy resources. MGMS is built on a utility-level SCADA platform giving it the horsepower to handle any microgrid application and ensures inter-operability with any existing control schemes. Advanced functionality includes 7 day load and generation forecasting, unit commitment optimization, fast load shed, seamless transition to and from island mode, and market participation tools. The MGMS platform is applicable to all microgrids, whether grid-connected or islanded, market participants or not. MGMS can be installed during the development of a new microgrid or replace the software and SCADA in an existing microgrid.

Field Automation

The grid is real time and today’s grid demands real-time solutions. Siemens offers a range of unique Distribution Automation technologies to reduce forced outages and improve restoration time. Siemens Distribution Automation solutions often pay for themselves within the first few events by minimizing the direct costs associated with outages and by offering more competitively-priced solutions for improving distribution network reliability.

Featured Solutions:

Siemens Distribution Feeder Automation (SDFA)

  • Storm hardening

  • Grid  resiliency

  • Real-time Fault Location Isolation & Service Restoration (FLISR)

  • Multi-source Automatic Transfer Schemes

  • Increased grid visibility & control

  • Reduction in restoration time

  • Improve distribution network reliability

Siemens Fusesaver™ Circuit Breaker

Fusesaver is a new intelligent, compact and economical medium-voltage single-phase circuit breaker that minimizes lost customer minutes by protecting lateral-line fuses from blowing on transient faults.

  • Avoids blown fuses due to temporary faults

  • Reduces forced outages

  • Eliminates unnecessary truck rolls

  • Improves distribution network reliability

For more information visit usa.siemens.com/fusesaver

Integration Services

OMNETRIC Group is a new-generation smart grid solution provider. A joint venture by Siemens and Accenture, it has the IT, utility operations technology (OT), business consulting, managed services, and domain expertise of its parents, and the agility of a startup. Its focus: IT/OT integration to help utilities leverage the benefits of a more digital grid. Its watch words: innovative, agile, expert, customer focused.

Featured Solutions:

Utilities are placing renewed emphasis on outage management. The cost of failure is rising, consumer expectations are higher, and severe weather, particularly in the United States, has raised regulatory scrutiny in many regions. To improve grid reliability and increase customer confidence, utilities know they have to make better use of outage intelligence. This will enable them to predict and prevent outages, and react faster.

At DistribuTech, OMNETRIC Group will be showcasing our holistic approach to next-generation outage management by seamlessly integrating evolving systems (e.g., social media mining and smart grid analytics) with core systems (traditional outage management systems such as OMS, DMS and ADMS) and IT systems. This integration, and the additional capabilities it makes accessible, enables utilities to leapfrog the limitations imposed by current-generation power technologies.