DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition 2016

Agility in Energy

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For US Utilities, it is vitally important to anticipate market trends to be able to address challenges quickly and at the same time capitalize on new opportunities. At Siemens, we call this Agility in Energy. With an install base of 1.4M digital protection devices, 20M intelligent managed meters, and 1,600 control centers worldwide, we have a history of providing comprehensive solutions for utilities. Our full range of agility-enabling products, solutions, and services are defining the future of grid digitalization.


Continue the discussion that took place at the Siemens Newseum & Nerve Center at booth #901.
Attendees took a self-guided tour of our Newseum highlighting utilities in the news, listened to interviews at the News Nerve Center, experienced live demonstrations, and participated in private discussion

Agility in Energy News Nerve Center

Hear what you missed! Attendees came to the Agility In Energy Nerve Center to hear real reporters interview utilities focused on the future.

Representatives from the Arizona Public Service (APS) Electric Company and CPS Energy discussed innovative approaches to solving today's challenges. Watch the APS interview and CPS interview now!

Booth highlights included:

  • Nerve Center — Watch live interviews with utility executives to learn how they are bringing agility to their organizations.

  • Siemens Newseum — Learn about Siemens partnerships with utilities across America in an interactive exhibit inspired by Washington D.C.’s Newseum.

  • Featured Demos — See the latest technology and hear from product experts about Siemens innovations transforming the industry.

Interact with the future:

The Siemens booth allows you to interact with new technology, and the experts behind them, in 9 areas critical to energy distribution.  You will want to include on your “must-see” list for DistribuTECH. Look for individual Siemens kiosks to learn about innovations in:

Field Automation

As utilities face the challenges of the future, there’s big news in field automation. Advances in Siemens Field Automation technologies give utilities unprecedented levels of control over field operations.

The Siemens Distribution Feeder Automation System, known as SDFA, automates a utility’s ability to locate, isolate, and automatically restore faults. It minimizes outage time and utility crew dispatch costs by automatically restoring services to viable sections of the line. Siemens SDFA has multiple features and benefits. Yet, its concept is simple. It segments distribution feeders into manageable line sections, allowing greater control and ability to target faults.

One of its applications addresses Volt Var Optimization, required for a utility’s distribution network to maintain proper levels of efficiency. Siemens and Utilidata entered into a partnership agreement to integrate AdaptiVolt into SDFA . It’s one of the first feeder automation systems having an integrated Volt Var Optimization system. AdaptiVolt is a closed-loop system that manages voltage and reactive power on electric distribution systems.

To further help utilities minimize costs and improve reliability, Siemens Fusesaver now automates operations at the Fuse. The Fusesaver is already the world’s fastest circuit breaker — now, with multiple recloses, it offers multiple levels of automation. Among its capabilities are wireless inter-device communications, device-to-PC communications, and remote control for backhaul communications.

It’s important to note that Siemens SDFA and Fusesaver work well with existing systems. Their hardware and software solutions integrate easily with other Siemens applications as well as third-party applications such as Utilidata’s AdaptiVolt system.

Substation Automation

Let’s review the topic of a utility’s substation, where Siemens is making the future more secure and efficient. Siemens Substation Automation technologies include a full suite of hardware and software solutions. Each is designed to integrate with Siemens robust products, such as RUGGEDCOM, SICAM and SIPROTEC, and with other third-party devices.

As you know, NERC will soon require utilities to provide remote access to their substations. Siemens RUGGEDCOM rugged communications products provide cost-effective solutions. RUGGEDCOM products have set the standard for communication networks working in harsh environments. Siemens CROSSBOW solution will help utilities meet NERC’s requirement by the April 1st deadline, acting as an intermediate system providing secure, role-based remote access to substation intelligent electronic devices or IEDs.

Siemens SICAM technologies enhance substation performance. They help utilities evolve and remain modernized. SICAM’s product suite was created to efficiently design, test, commission, and operate substations.

To further drive down costs, utilities that switch to Siemens SIPROTEC Protection platform can actually save money. The Siemens platform increases efficiencies and lowers costs by simplifying configurations, improving reliability, and reducing system interruptions.

These solutions, and other Siemens technologies, keep utilities ahead of the challenge and ahead of the change.

Grid Planning

One way for utilities to get ahead is with integrated, smart planning. Siemens Power Technologies International is transforming how the power and energy industry incorporates new practices into the planning process.

When it comes to planning, one thing is clear — traditional practices and static models are no longer sufficient for the dynamics of the grid. The rise of distributed energy resources, intermittent generation, and fluctuation in power and energy markets has changed how utilities manage their future.

Utilities must look at an integrated method to planning that encompasses not just reliability, but a wide variety of factors. They include new technologies, regulation, security, aging resources, investment opportunities and energy markets.

Integrated planning must now consider:

  • Volatility in energy pricing

  • Increasing regulatory requirements

  • More renewable sources coming online, including Distributed Generation

  • Ramping of energy storage and other new technologies

Over decades, Siemens Power Technologies International has transformed the industry by developing the latest planning and modeling methods through its PSS product suite and world-renowned consultants. It continues to lead by increasing grid stability, reducing peak demand, addressing congestion and anticipating electricity price volatility.

In short, by transforming the way utilities, systems operators and developers plan for the future.

Grid Operations Management

The evolution of energy systems has already gained tremendous momentum. As the momentum grows, utilities are faced with multiple challenges.
With Siemens, utilities can meet those challenges. Siemens control center solutions provide the electrification, automation, and digitalization needed to manage the modern two-way grid.

 Spectrum Power™, the Siemens control center solution, gives utilities the ability to monitor their entire grid. Spectrum Power helps utilities achieve reliable, efficient, and optimal network operation.

EnergyIP®, the Siemens platform for handling large amounts of AMI and sensor data, provides the ability to set up, aggregate, forecast, and control distributed energy resources within the service territory.
SICAM, the Siemens field automation and control system, provides the necessary local intelligence to allow upward monitoring and control of utility-owned distributed energy.

VersiCharge, the Siemens line of intelligent and easy-to-configure Electric Vehicle Charging systems provide utilities with an intelligent gateway. It allows them to participate in demand-response programs that benefit both consumers and utilities.

With the Spectrum Power™ outage management solution, utilities will be able to effectively predict outages based on multiple sources of data. It efficiently restores service to customers through Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration.

Spectrum Power Microgrid Management System (MGMS)

Microgrids continue to make news as they move from the margins of energy management into the mainstream of America’s energy economy. However, a few hurdles stand in the way of wide-scale adoption. One is the critical need for trusted management system that can help utilities fully unlock the benefits of the advanced microgrid.

Siemens Spectrum Power Microgrid Management System, or MGMS, keeps utilities ahead of the challenge. Spectrum Power MGMS is an innovative SCADA software solution. It is designed to maximize operational and economic benefits of decentralized energy resources, while coordinating existing loads with grid activity.

Siemens is also proud to offer Spectrum Power MGMS as a hosted solution. Microgrid Software as a Service eliminates the need for hardware and software to be purchased and maintained. This provides greater flexibility for utilities to scale microgrid operations in their service territories.

Backed by a reliable team of engineers, Siemens Spectrum Power suite provides innovative, customizable, and cybersecure solutions. It is built on a utility-grade SCADA platform, making it easy to use and easy to integrate with existing systems. Spectrum Power can help utilities generate revenue, efficiently use energy, decrease costs, and reduce emissions.

With Siemens, more utilities are reaping the benefits of microgrids to get ahead of challenge and ahead of change.

Customer and Meter Data Management

One way for utilities to stay ahead is to use all available sources of information. That includes customer usage from meters and energy sensors.

Siemens EnergyIP platform provides the market with a leading ecosystem for managing meter data and managing distributed energy assets.

Thanks to its extremely powerful, and scalable, data processing engine, EnergyIP provides utilities with access to an enormous amount of data from meters and sensors. EnergyIP makes that data verifiable and available in real time.

With high-quality data, utilities can expand operations. EnergyIP enables better demand response management, meter-to-cash applications, and management of eCar charging networks to name a few. It allows utilities to take advantage of advanced analytics and big data.

Using AMI data, it is now possible to monitor outages with EnergyIP. Utilities can now monitor key indicators like voltage, reactive power, and momentary outages for power quality and to fix problems effectively.

With EnergyIP, utilities have increased security. It enables them to detect potential fraud with algorithms designed to detect unusual patterns.

EnergyIP also unlocks the value of AMI data for other Siemens applications as well as Siemens partners like GridX to build powerful applications on top of the platform.

Digital Grid Services

Siemens is excited to introduce Digital Grid Services. Our mission is to provide advanced, reliable and highly secure digital grid software technology at an affordable price, available to every electric utility in North America.

Siemens unique approach provides utilities with top-of-the-line software technology at a fraction of the cost of traditional, owned software and hardware.

Digital Grid Services offers a new business model and state-of-the-art software technology for electric utilities. It allows utilities to meet the ever-changing requirements of power system operations and the growing consumer demands for improved service and reliability at a significantly lower cost than traditional, owned software and hardware – all without the hassle of managing and maintaining on-site IT and hardware infrastructure.

Siemens dedicated Digital Grid Services team works hand-in-hand with utilities, providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. Starting with design, planning and implementation of the winning software solutions, Siemens services team addresses each utility’s unique needs and goals. The end goal is to support growth and prosperity in each community.

Integrated Services

One sure way for utilities to get ahead is with comprehensive Integration Services.

In 2013, Siemens made an announcement with global professional services company, Accenture, that they were committed to building a joint venture focused on developing and delivering advanced integrated solutions for a smarter grid.

The joint venture, named OMNETRIC Group, went live in April 2014. OMNETRIC Group broadened the scope of collaboration between the two companies. It widened from the initial meter data management system implementation to include distribution management and grid control and DR/VPP, as well as smart grid analytics.

OMNETRIC Group is dedicated to developing and delivering advanced solutions for a smarter grid.

As such, the company is focused on data management and systems integration, bringing together operational technologies, such as distribution management and real-time grid operations, with IT systems supporting smart metering, energy consumption, and work and asset management.

This combination can provide utilities with an integrated view of their systems and data, and support advanced analysis and decision-making processes.

OMNETRIC Group combines the power and knowledge of Siemens and Accenture in an agile and innovative company. Its mission is helping utilities improve the efficiency and reliability of the grid.

A joint venture model not only attests to the commitment of shareholder companies, but permits the fusion of intellectual property that would not be possible in an alliance.

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