DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition 2018

Digital Agility

Through fast, flexible, and integrated grid architectures, Siemens delivers digital agility to meet your distribution modernization needs and address distribution grid challenges, such as a high penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs). Realize efficiencies, streamline processes, and create new value streams through on-premise and cloud solutions. Improve system resilience and flexibility through our distribution, DER, and microgrid automation and protection products. Design and secure your digital grid with the help of our planning and cyber security experts. Position your grid for future needs with ruggedized communications networks, grid-scale battery energy systems, and electric vehicle infrastructure. Let digital agility turn your grid management challenges into opportunities to better manage costs, create value, and satisfy customers.

Visit us at booth #2209 to learn how Siemens is enabling digital agility in a distributed energy era.

Enabling agility in a digital and distributed energy era.

  • Grid Modernization & Resilience - Grid modernization is incremental by nature, but it can still be enormously expensive. Siemens' digital solutions dramatically reduce the cost of modernization while delivering superior performance and resilience benefits. Whether your system is aging or stressed by weather or customer demands, our intelligent technologies make your grid flexible, resilient, reliable, and affordable even as demands on the grid change.

  • Grid Visibility, Accessibility & Value - Whether as an integrated platform or a modular deployment, Siemens' solutions offer grid visibility, operational flexibility, and lower overall total cost of ownership. Integrated IT/OT platforms streamline DER asset enrollment and operational dispatch. Unlock grid visibility and intelligence from the control room to the end-user. Realize efficiencies, streamline processes, and create new value streams through on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

  • Enabling Industry Transformation - The utility industry is changing. With our grid planning and advisory services and modeling software solutions, we can help you navigate the change and even profit from new service and outsourcing opportunities. Anticipate the future, realize near-term financial value, and position your organization to evolve to meet market and regulatory challenges.

Checkout a detailed description of our Technology Solutions Booth Demos here.

Come talk to our experts about:

Strategy & Planning

strategy and planning

No matter the challenge, it all starts with having the correct strategy in place and plans to execute

Grid Modernization & Resiliency

  • Cyber security services

  • Grid modernization consulting

  • IT/OT platform integration

  • Network design and simulation software

Distributed Energy Resources Integration

  • Cost avoidance analysis

  • Network asset valuation by location

  • Technical and economic DER viability studies

Customer Engagement & Prosumer Enablement

  • Business advisory services for identifying and evaluating new customer-oriented business models



Making the network design tangible and operations possible, Engineering manages the increasingly intelligent network devices

Grid Modernization & Resiliency

  • Hardened communication devices

  • Pole top fuse-replacing reclosers

  • Fault locating devices

  • Distribution automation systems

Distributed Energy Resources Integration

  • Adaptive high-speed protection for high renewable penetration networks

  • Renewable device integration control gateway

Customer Engagement & Prosumer Enablement

  • Intelligent EV charging station with demand response program integration



Bridging the gap between planning and engineering, Operations enables real-time network benefits

Grid Modernization & Resiliency

  • Storm impact modeling and prediction

  • Outage restoration management with MDM integration

  • Meter-based analytics for asset health monitoring

Distributed Energy Resources Integration

  • DER availability forecast

  • DER aggregation and contracts management

  • Real-time network optimization including utility & 3rd party DER control

Customer Engagement & Prosumer Enablement

  • Customer usage and outage portal

  • DER enrollment portal

  • Social media, text, app, and web integration for customer communications

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