National Fire Prevention Week

Every year in October, National Fire Prevention Week shines a spotlight on the importance of protecting against fire threats. These efforts often focus on replacing and monitoring smoke detectors in the home, and rightly so. Fire safety and protection in the places we live is vital, but it’s also important to recognize that prevention is important in every other aspect of our daily lives.

Siemens technology is at work every day to help prevent and protect against fires

Fire protection means checking your smoke detector, but it also means technology that protects family members working in manufacturing plants from arc flash events. It means installing the latest wildfire mitigation systems on electrical lines so that threats don’t become reality. It means having the latest technologies to audibly guide people safely out of buildings. And it means having intelligent, safe circuit breakers in your home to protect against fires caused by faulty wiring.

Power Utilities

Fire prevention for power utilities

In 2015, wildfires burned more than 10 million acres across the U.S., costing people their homes and the country over 2 billion dollars in firefighting. Wildfires can result from many causes including faults on a utility pole that send molten metal to the ground, igniting and leading to wildfires that can harm people and wildlife. Technology installed on a utility pole that contains and mitigates these faults before they become a threat can protect against future wildfires and save billions of dollars in firefighting efforts and personal damage.

Watch the video: Ensure employee safety by upgrading to a newer vacuum circuit breaker technology:

Commercial Buildings

Fire prevention for commercial buildings

Intelligent voice communication systems have been shown to help occupants evacuate three times more quickly over traditional alarm systems. Partnering with Marvel Comics, Siemens will highlight the importance of voice direction for fire safety. The technology is also now required by International Building Code in all K-12 schools, and will be required by mid-size buildings in the near future, including hotels and commercial building spaces under five stories.

“Siemens is on the cutting edge of developing safety products that provide critical safeguards from fires across residential, commercial, and industrial settings and we are thrilled to partner with them on this important effort,” said Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) President Brett Brenner.

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