Power and Power Quality Meters

Siemens recognizes that high performance facilities make for high performance business. Energy is the lifeline of your business, and better efficiency and sustainability can have a large positive impact on your bottom line. Energy Management and Control Systems from Siemens are complete enterprise solutions that help you manage the energy costs and availability of your business. With our advanced meters and controls, you can be sure to use only the energy you need, when you need it.

Siemens Power Distribution Solutions contribute toward achieving LEED ® certification and provides the needed energy metering data for federal/local government energy reductions programs.

SEM3™ - Embedded Micro Metering Module™

Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module (SEM3) is a modular metering solution for energy monitoring, data analysis, and sub billing applications. The flexible design allows for low, medium, and high density metering requirements to be met efficiently and economically using only a few standardized components integrated into Siemens Panelboards and Switchboards. SEM3 is pre-engineered to integrate into new Siemens panelboards and switchboards but could be used for OEM and retrofit applications as well.

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PAC3100 Power Meter

The SENTRON PAC3100 is a powerful compact power monitoring device that monitors and has many features not usually found in this price class of meters. A large graphical display supports multiple languages and easy to use menus that can be used to set up the meter.

The meter also has built in Modbus RTU communications via a RS485 interface. The meter comes standard with two digital inputs and outputs. One output is suitable for pulse output for export/import real and reactive energy. The other output is controllable from an outside source by way of a Modbus register.

PAC4200 Power Meter

The SENTRON PAC4200 is a feature packed power monitoring device that provides open communication using the standard built-in Ethernet Modbus TCP and has the capability of communicating through optional Modbus RTU, PROFIBUSDP, and PROFINET protocol modules simultaneously.

This allows for easy integration into any local or remote monitoring system. The gateway functionality of this device reduces installation cost by replacing other gateway devices and simplifying wiring.

9510 / 9610 Power Quality Meter

These high power quality meters are packed with features such as the ability to determine the location of a disturbance quickly and accurately and determine the direction of the disturbance relative to the meter.

Fast sampling rates and extensive memory make this the perfect choice for critical power systems making analysis of issues possible for correction and prevention. As a data accumulator, the 9510 and 9610 meters can also save money and time by simplifying wiring and networking. Information from the meter and downstream devices can be displayed on the large LCD display, on customizable web pages in reports and screens.

Legacy Meters

Siemens has offered Power and power quality meters for some time now. As a result there are many older generation products still in use in the field. Many of these obsolete units are still working and at time information is still required.

PAC3200 Power Meter

The SENTRON PAC3200 is a powerful compact power monitoring device that is monitors and provides open communications using ModbusRTU/TCP, PROFIBUS-DP, and PROFINET protocols for easy integration into any local or remote monitoring system. Simple configuration of the meter can be done from the front display.

9340 / 9360 Power Quality Meters

The Siemens ACCESS 9340/9360 series power meters combine accurate, 3-phase energy and power measurement with data logging, power quality analysis, alarm, and I/O capabilities not typically available in a compact meter.

A choice of two models and a range of expansion modules help match features to the application and support field-upgrading of meters as required. Serial and Ethernet communication options enable the meters to be used within a Siemens power management system or with third-party automation systems.

9510 RTU

The 9510-RTU unit can serve many uses throughout a facility. This low cost central display - data recorder can provide HTML web pages and customizable displays to allow easy access to the data and provide E-mail alarming for critical information. This multi-functional unit supports communications to any Modbus RTU device and digital / analog I/O, allowing the 9510-RTU to provide solutions for many different applications