The New Generation of Panelboard Products

This new generation of panelboard products represents the high level of engineering innovation expected from Siemens. With flexibility and strength added to the existing rugged and durable panelboard family, Siemens panelboards are extremely easy to install. These newer designs also simplify wiring and reduce material requirements, saving additional installation time. Siemens also offers unassembled panelboards, which are designed to meet shorter lead time requirements.

Siemens new technology circuit breakers offer significant benefits and better coordination with upstream breakers that help meet 2011 NEC® Code requirements for selective coordination.

Lighting Panelboards

Siemens lighting panels are the industry’s most flexible design and eliminates the impact of common mistakes like feed direction and main lug versus main breaker.

Unassembled Panelboards

Siemens unassembled panelboards provide product flexibility, quicker job turn-around, and affordable pricing. Plus they are an exact match to Siemens factory built panelboards.

Power Panelboards

Siemens power panelboards are ideal for downstream distribution or service entrance equipment in an electrical system.

Fusible Panels

Siemens fusible panels provide solutions to selectively coordinate a fused electrical distribution system simply and cost effectively.

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