SENTRON Busway System

When you need a cost-effective power delivery solution for an industrial plant, a hospital, shopping mall, or high tech environment, you face the challenge of balancing performance with value to efficiently distribute power throughout your facility.

Features and Benefits

Housing: SENTRON Busway incorporates all aluminum housing. This lightweight totally enclosed, non ventilated housing resists rust and other elements, distributes heat away from the conductors, and provides an excellent ground path.

Conductors: SENTRON Busway conductors have a compact construction and can be configured as 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire or 3-phase 4-wire with 200% neutral. The conductors may be ordered in copper (98% conductivity), 1000A/in2 M-Rated Copper, Aluminum (58% conductivity) and 750A/in2 L-Rated Aluminum. The optional 200% neutral helps to handle harmonic conditions that may exist.

Ground: SENTRON Busway offers ground options to meet your specifications: standard integral aluminum housing ground and optional internal grounding bars. An optional isolated ground is also available which is especially useful in applications where a clean ground is needed.

Plating: All bus bars are electroplated with tin. This unique tin plating provides excellent conductivity and resists outside elements from attaching to the bars. Optional silver plating is also available.

Insulation:  SENTRON Busway is insulated with an Epoxy Powder Coating system designed by Siemens Engineers, Epoxy System Engineers and Epoxy Powder Specialists, specifically for Siemens Busway products. The Siemens exclusive Electrostatic Spray insulation process produces uniform application of Epoxy powder over the entire conductor bar. This is further enhanced by the inline filter process and magnetic separator that helps to eliminate contaminants common to fluidized bed systems.