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Siemens offers two programs to ensure your busway installation fits your application. Siemens Power II Fit Program eliminates uncertainty in Busway measurements and compensates for dimensional deviations by quick-shipping up to five pieces of custom length busway. With the Power II Measure Service, Siemens will send a trained and experienced busway engineer to route and measure the busway in your project.

Program Overview

Siemens Power II Fit Program compensates for dimensional deviations that may result in busway layouts. With the Power II Fit Program, specific dimensions on straight sections and/or elbows may be left out of factory released drawings. After the busway run has been installed (minus Power II Fit pieces), final measurements are taken and sent to the factory. The Power II Fit Program guarantees shipment of straight sections and/or 90 degree angle elbows within 5 business days for IP40 (indoor) and 8 business days for NEMA 3R (outdoor), upon receipt of the P II F Order Form. The Power II Fit Program may be used with Sentron.

Why use the Power II Fit Program?

The PII F Program can save you both time and money by eliminating uncertainty in busway measurements. When you take advantage of the PII F Program, your busway runs fit exactly the first time, eliminating incorrect pieces and costly reordering time.

When should the Power II Fit Program be used?

The PII F Program will benefit you when you are uncertain of exact dimensions on long busway runs and when difficult contour situations require special attention.

Program Details

Product Line



Included with original order entry.


A maximum of 5 pieces per order. (Straight feeder sections and/or 90 degree elbows.)


Shipment: 5 business days for IP40 (indoor) and 8 business days for NEMA 3R (outdoor), after receipt of P II F Order Form. All orders ship via standard carrier originating from Spartanburg, SC. Optional air freight shipments available when customer assumes shipping cost.

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