Busway Systems

Power Delivery Solutions for a Broad Range of Applications

When you need a cost-effective power delivery solution for an industrial plant, a hospital, shopping mall or high tech environment, you face the challenge of balancing performance with value to efficiently distribute power throughout your facility. Only Siemens offers you the industry’s most complete and modern line of busway products–an extensive range of options that lets you match your site-specific requirements with an optimized power delivery solution–around the corner or around the globe. These innovative solutions encompass the world’s most comprehensive and technologically advanced busway products for the automotive, industrial, commercial/institutional and high-rise multi-occupancy markets. For added convenience, our busway products and accessories are readily available, easy to order and to install. Our product lines are specifically designed to comply with local and international standards and to satisfy the final measure of your profitability a low total installed cost.


Siemens Flagship busway line, SENTRON Busway is a flexible power distribution solution with an easy-to-install single bolt joint stack design, optional 200% neutral or isolated ground and ratings from 225 to 5000 amps.

Legacy Systems

While other suppliers of power delivery systems provide only one choice to satisfy a diverse range of requirements, Siemens offers you a selection of several different types of legacy busway, giving you the flexibility to choose the right solution for your unique application. This is particularly beneficial for building expansions and retrofits that involve an installed base of Siemens Busway Systems. For added convenience, our busway products and accessories are readily available, easy to order and to install.

Power II Measure Service

Siemens Power II Measure Service provides professional busway routing and measurement by a factory representative. Save time and money with correct alignment and routing of the busway to ensure the most cost effective power distribution system.

XJ-L™ HD Busway

XJ-L™ HD Busway An excellent choice for high-tech, commercial retail or light industrial applications, XJ-L Busway is engineered for high reliability with optional isolated grounding, 200% neutral, and ratings of up to 400 A.

Power II Fit Program

Save time and money by eliminating uncertainty in Busway measurements. Siemens PII F Program compensates for dimensional deviations that may result in busway layouts.

Retired Products

Siemens strives to offer/utilize the most technologically advanced products available in the industry. Continuous improvement to products & processes and changing market trends result in new product offerings and eventual retirement of existing products.