Sm@rtGear™ Technology

Intelligent devices (circuit breakers, relays, meters, etc.) have existed for more than 30 years. These devices are self-monitoring, configurable, and communicating, but individually they are only islands of intelligence. Historically integrated remote monitoring, configuration, and control have only been available with the inclusion of upstream PMCS, PCS, DCS, or SCADA systems.

With the advent of Siemens Sma@rtGear technology, remote monitoring, configuration, and control are standard features that are integral to the electrical apparatus product.

Customer benefits:

  • Enhanced arc-flash safety.

  • Enables remote monitoring, configuration, and control.

  • Gets personnel outside the arc-flash hazard boundary when performing normal circuit breaker operations (OPEN/CLOSE, racking and Dynamic Arc-Sentry activation).

  • Greatly reduces internal and external cont.rol wiring for increased product reliability and decreased installation labor.

  • Faster commissioning and startup.

  • Usage-based preventative and predictive maintenance information.

  • Configurable, self-monitoring apparatus that is easier to design, specify, commission, and operate.

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