Medium-Voltage Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear - Type SIEBREAK

5 kV-15 kV

Medium-Voltage Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear - Type SIEBREAK

SIEBREAK medium-voltage metal-enclosed interrupter switchgear with door open

Siemens SIEBREAKTM metal-enclosed interrupter switchgear is a modular design consisting of a switch, fuses, and bus in an assembly that is fully integrated both mechanically and electrically to provide medium-voltage circuit protection. All components are fully tested to perform in accordance with Siemens' standards for reliability, quality, and service.


SIEBREAK switchgear is available in both fused and unfused configurations. Supplied in the unfused configuration, short-circuit protection is not available - only load-current interruption. Supplied fused or unfused, a load-interrupter switch is different from a vacuum circuit breaker in that it will interrupt load current, but not overload or fault currents.

Fused switches are available with current-limiting or expulsion (power) fuses. Fuses extend the range of applications up to the maximum ratings of the fuse, as much as 63 kA for current-limiting fuses.

A complete product line for various distribution applications:

  • Standalone bay

  • Transformer primary

  • Lineups (i.e., main-tie-main, main feeders, automatic transfer).

A complete line of switch types:

  • Single switch

  • Duplex switch

  • Selector switch.

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