Medium-Voltage Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear, Type SIMOSEC

(5 kV - 27.6 kV)

Features and Benefits

Type SIMOSEC Medium-Voltage Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear (5 kV - 27.6 kV)


Siemens type SIMOSEC is medium-voltage, metal-enclosed interrupter switchgear up to 27.6 kV and is used mainly in the construction and industrial markets. It features a very small footprint of less than 15" wide and 48" deep, which significantly reduces the real estate cost. This space saving modular design makes it ideal for use in high rise buildings, hospitals, airports, wind-farms and industrial facilities, such as: automotive, food, petroleum and chemicals.


Features include:

  • For application on systems up to 63 kA 15 kV and 20 kA 27.6 kV

  • Load current switching rating 600 A, main bus continuous current rating 1,200 A

  • Extremely compact footprint

  • Meets ANSI/IEEE C37.20.3

  • UL- or C-UL Listing available

  • Seismic rated up to IBC 2003

  • Ideal for utility, construction and industrial applications

  • Animated mimic diagram (mimic bus)

  • High endurance – 1,000 mechanical operations

  • High switching capacity – 100 operations at 600 A – two to three times higher than ANSI requirements

  • Gas-insulated three-position switch-disconnector, hermetically sealed for life inside a stainless steel vessel

  • No maintenance or adjustment required on the switch module over life of the switch

  • Switch disconnector combines the function of a load-interrupter switch (with closed-open indication) and a grounding switch (with open-ground indication), thus inherent design offers additional safety for the operators

  • Integrated mechanical interlocking

  • High-voltage current limiting fuses and cable terminations accessible only if the feeder grounding switch is in the grounded position

  • Fuses and outgoing cables are front accessible, which means SIMOSEC can be placed against the wall and maximize the use of available space

  • Convenient viewing window for verification of primary contact position (visible break)

  • Capacitive voltage indicators to show if the cable side of the switch is energized

  • Configurations: individual feeder switches, transformer primary switches and switch lineups

  • Main bus at top or bottom to suit application

  • Over 20 years experience and more than 350,000 switch-disconnector units installed.

Secondary Unit Substation with Type SIMOSEC Primary Switch

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