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Your partner in getting the most from your traffic system investment.


Our competent and experienced employees support customers in the planning, engineering and implementation of traffic projects. Our range of consulting and engineering services covers all essential topics of traffic control technology, such as:

  • Strategic planning

  • Project management

  • Analysis and design

  • Systems integration

  • Transportation research

Maintenance and Repair Center

Quality, availability and reliability provide the basic requirement for all traffic-related systems. Siemens Warranty and Repair Center offers repair and maintenance services for Siemens and third-party hardware products.

Financial Services

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) provides assistance with all questions relating to financing, adapted to our individual customers’ needs. Being an international provider of financing solutions in the business-to-business area, Siemens offers:

  • Infrastructure

  • Equipment

  • Operating resources

based on our financial expertise and industrial competence.  This way, we create value for our customers and improve their competitiveness.

Everything From a Single Source

Siemens can thus provide technology and financing solutions from a single source. The financing solutions range from consultancy and insurance through to equity and debt financing. Particularly in times of diminishing liquidity, financing solutions become increasingly important for Siemens customers.  Financing may be the decisive factor for new investments, as is demonstrated by the examples of performance contracting or energy contracting.  With its global presence, Financial Services provides worldwide support to its customers.

Support Center

Traffic management systems are a major investment for municipalities. Traffic systems not operating at peak performance cause waste in revenue and fuel and lead to environmental concerns.

Siemens Services program provides a partnership to protect your investment and ensure it is always operating at its top performance level. From repair and maintenance, training, installation and staffing to a secure remote administration program that places a watchdog over your system and automates routing and emergency service issues, we have service plans tailored to fit your system needs.

We focus our service on those processes that guarantee quick and satisfactory solutions. The foundation:

  • Call Center

  • Online Help Desk

  • Secure Remote Services

  • Emergency service

On-Site Support

Siemens offers a wide-range of on-site support options. From staffing of traffic management centers, installation, maintenance and repair, troubleshooting and system optimization, we have a service plan that keeps your traffic management system covered.


Throughout the year Siemens offers several training courses on our traffic control products. These training courses provide valuable knowledge and insight from industry professionals with hands-on instruction and user interactive training materials. Make the most of our technical products by learning trade tips and programming features that will generate the highest productivity from your investment.

In addition to the transfer of expertise on our products and systems, our traffic control technology training program provides information on the latest developments in the field of transportation.

You can choose from the following courses:

  • SEPAC beginner

  • SEPAC advanced

  • TACTICS beginner

  • TACTICS advanced

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