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Sitraffic Concert Regional Traffic Management System

The Siemens Sitraffic Concert traffic control center offers a solution for strategic coordination of traffic control and traffic information systems.

One city. A lot of people. A lot of traffic. And it all comes together.

Traffic flows are getting heavier and more varied; burdens are increasing. That is why many cities want to improve their traffic planning and run more effective control strategies in response to the situation. But how can this be implemented, knowing there is no ONE overarching solution that integrates everything, while complexity continues to increase? SITRAFFIC® Concert provides this solution - and it is also very simple. Because the system processes data relevant to traffic from all manner of different sources and uses it to generate information for everyone who needs to know.

All centers under one roof

There's one for the fire department, one for urban traffic. The multi-storey parking garages have them, so do the police and the urban mass transit system. And the major arterials running through the city often have central coordination. We are talking about traffic systems and traffic control centers. So far, each of these systems has been separate, collecting and processing its own data. SITRAFFIC® Concert now brings together all of the information from these different systems, making central traffic management possible.

Good for local authority

For the local authorities, that means optimization of operational processes. Because all information is available at one point, all centers can be operated from one point, if necessary, and all data only has to be entered once and is then available to all subsystems: planned construction sites, public holidays, large events. Moreover, SITRAFFIC Concert provides such a wide range of analysis functions that traffic planning can be achieved on a solid basis.

....and good for road users

For road users, integrated traffic management means unhindered travel, less congestion and reliable punctuality. And if there are bottlenecks anywhere, useful information on the subject is available via many channels: from the Internet, on variable message signs and in traffic reports that can be polled by fax, e-mail and text message.

Input data can be received from:

  • Inter-urban freeway systems

  • Systems for authorities

  • Public transportation management

  • Parking management

  • Traffic monitoring cameras

  • Variety of detection technologies

  • Manual inputs

  • Urban traffic management centers


SITRAFFIC® Concert consists of a whole range of fully integrated software sub-systems tailored to specific tasks. This division of labor has advantages: each task is performed quickly and professionally - always the advantage of specialization. An added advantage is that each local authority can choose the scope it really needs.

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