Multi-Space Meters

Siemens’ multi-space meters have a unique, sleek stainless steel design and optional solar power panels that reinforce your municipality’s commitment to sustainability.

Enhancing Your City's Landscape

Siemens Prisma Multi Space Parking Meter

Siemens’ Prisma and Sity multi-space meters are flexible to meet the operational needs of your municipality and can be used in a variety of parking modes of operation, such as pay-and-display, pay-by-space or pay-by-license. Long-term daily and monthly parking permit issuance or dynamic pricing can be assigned as well as direct payment of citations at the meter.

Their quality construction and manufacturing promotes long service life and reliability, along with theft and vandalism protection. Solar energy operation and battery storage make them independent of grid power. After all, only a multi-space meter that is safe from power outages, vandalism and meets all established standards can ensure constant, regular income for the operator.

Multi-Space Features for Operators

  • Operates in pay and display, pay by space, or pay by license plate modes

  • Solar-powered with battery backup

  • On-street and off-street applications

  • Collects cash and processes credit card/value card transactions

  • Supports field and bench maintenance with modular design and thumb screws

  • Supports various parking enforcement methods

  • Updates meters from central office (configuration changes such as parking rates)

  • Notifies central office to maintain operability in real-time

  • Provides actionable data for informed decision making

  • Perpetual and SaaS license options

  • PCI compliant, Level 1

Features for Motorists

  • Convenient payment options, like credit card, make payments easier and safer

  • Design is easy to see

  • Screen is easy to read

  • Prompts may be in multiple languages

Upgrading Existing Single-Space Meters

If your situation requires a single-space parking meter option, the ParkSight™ Meter Monitors allow you to easily upgrade your legacy meters to smart meters without having to replace the entire device. This enables operators to receive information about coin or mobile-based payments, as well as be informed when repairs are needed.

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