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Advanced Parking Solutions

When you pair Siemens multi-space meters with parking sensors that are embedded in the pavement, you can detect available parking spaces in real-time.

A Dynamic, Seamless Solution

In-Street Parking Sensor

The parking sensors from our solution partner, Streetline, are self-powered, rugged and completely wireless. They can be installed in minutes to provide years of continuous service without the need to change batteries. Using sensor data, the mobile app Parker™ provides motorists with the location and availability of parking spaces via web-enabled devices, such as a smartphone, PC or tablet.

Once parked, motorists can use the app’s built-in timer to track remaining time on the meter, pay for parking from their phone or receive walking directions to their parking space.

For municipalities, the ParkSight PortalTM offers a suite of applications that use data from the sensors to provide real-time information on parking occupancy and duration, which can be used to optimize parking availability, inform smart planning and implement demand-based pricing. The Portal provides a home dashboard, real-time applications for occupancy and compliance, as well as ParkSightTM Analytics that offer comprehensive historical reporting.

Parking Space Sensor Features

  • Monitor space availability

  • Provide meaningful metrics for audits

  • Identify parking patterns and habits

  • Data can be used for enforcement and dynamic pricing

  • Pavement-embedded and surface-mount sensors available

ParkerTM app for mobile devices allows drivers to:

  • Find the nearest available parking space

  • Easily pay for parking on-the-go

  • Find their car

  • View parking policy information

  • Take advantage of nearby garages and lots offering special deals

  • Receive important messages

  • Receive notification to avoid citation

Advanced parking management can:

  • Improve your resident’s and visitors’ parking experience

  • Improve access to area businesses

  • Increase safety for residents and visitors

  • Enhance your municipality’s landscape

  • Promote sustainability

  • Improve infrastructure

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