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m60 Series ATC


The m60 series ATC provides multiple Ethernet, USB and other industry-specific interfaces, facilitating both backwards and forwards compatibility. The m60 series ATC also enables easy hosting of third-party applications. In addition, the m60 series ATC exceeds industry standards by providing usability features that include the new Siemens Multiview Display concept (SMD) with real-time active status, context-sensitive HELP screens and user-programmable favorite buttons. The m60 series ATC is truly a nerve center for the connected intersection of the future.

Controller Features

  • ATC standard 5.2b compliant

  • Active TFT backlit LCD display with Siemens Multiview Display Technology

  • Easily removable display and keypad

  • Easily identifiable discrete HELP button

  • Real-time context sensitive HELP screens

  • User programmable function buttons

  • Modular Communications hub

  • ENET1 and ENET2 network switches

  • 5¬†10/100 TCP/IP ports

  • 4 USB 2.0 ports

  • Datakey

  • SP8 port for GPS

  • Convenient field upgrade packages

  • Linux upgrade package

  • m50 USB upgrade¬†package

  • m60 ATC upgrade package

  • m60 NEMA upgrade package

Hardware Features

Central Processor Unit (CPU)

  • Open architecture platform with standard Linux operating system

  • MPC 8270 266MHz processor

  • 512MB FLASH, 64MB DRAM and 2MB SRAM

  • TOD Clock with automatic daylight savings time adjustment

  • Power supply will power the SRAM during power failures


Learn about the new Siemens m60 Series ATC - an advanced traffic controller for NEMA-style cabinets


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