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Siemens offers a full range of local controllers for use in NEMA, Caltrans and ITS environments.

2070 Series

Siemens 2070 Series Controller

The model 2070 ATC represents the quality of the Siemens brand, as well as the leading edge of surface transportation control technology.

Controller Accessories

Siemens controller accessories compliment our controller line by making testing, maintenance, and installation of our controllers easier and more versatile.

m50 Series

With features including Ethernet expandability and communications, a removable, handheld control panel and a rugged Lexan body with integrated carrying handle, the m50 provides all of the NEMA compatability features that are expected in a top-of-the-line NEMA controllers, as well as many other options which provide nearly limitless versatility.

m60 Series ATC

The Siemens m60 series ATC complies with the industry’s latest Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) standard 5.2b. Built on the proven m50 hardware architecture, combined with powerful industry-leading SEPAC software, the Linux-based m60 series ATC provides a host of functions to meet the needs of traffic agencies of all sizes.

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