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Our controller accessories compliment our controller line by making testing, maintenance, and installation of our controllers easier and more versatile. Through the use of these tools, time, money, and energy that would otherwise be spent wiring and rewiring lights and cabinets for testing purposes can be redirected to other projects.


NEMA TS-2 tester allows complete testing of TS-2 controllers without a wired cabinet. The tester consists of two main parts: the Box and the Window-driven (GUI) PC software. The Box listens for messages from the controller and sends the received data, ten times per second, to the PC software for GUI update. The Software configures responses to the messages and returns appropriate information to the controller via the Box.


  • Six check boxes available to select either preempt or low-priority routines. In the low priority setting, the bit sent to the controller will change state approximately every 100 milliseconds (~5 Hz).

  • Three check boxes available to select offsets, either constant on or a repeating cycle of 77 seconds on and 3 seconds off.
    Spares Dialog check boxes and red lights allowing the user to set and view any "Spare" bits in messages for TF BIUs #2 and #4.

  • Active support, with live data, controller message types 0, 1, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27.

  • Check boxes in GUI to control the inputs to the controller and lights to display the outputs from the controller.

  • User-specified MMU programming data on a GUI designed to look like an MMU programming card, with check boxes to allow input of the appropriate programming for the controller to be tested. This data may be saved to and restored from MMU data files. A default file is provided.

  • An associated edit box with each channel for setup of "user meaningful" labels. The labels can be stored in label files, one for each configuration desired. A default label file is provided.

  • Displayed date and time, as broadcast once per second by the controller in a message type nine. Date and time updates indicated valid communications from the controller through the Box to the PC.

  • Four status lights allow the user to monitor the Box's message input and output, a fifth light indicates receipt of an unknown message from either the controller or the PC.

PC Requirements

  • Available COM port (with a male DB-9 connector) capable of running at 57,600 baud. The COM port may be 1,2,3 or 4.

  • MS Windows Operating System

Order Numbers

  • AAD14219P001 - Plastic Case

  • AAD14219P002 - Metal Case

  • Both models include cables for communications with the controller (EIA-485) and the PC (EIA-232), and an AC adaptor.


  • Standard "A", "B", "C" NEMA connectors and functions

  • All components PC board mounted

  • High efficiency LEDs for longer life

  • All harnesses removable

  • 8 remote detector inputs, logic common, and +24 VDC via contact block

  • EPAC "D" connector with input and output functions

  • "D" connector remote inputs via contact block


  • 51mm H x 381mm W x 317mm D

  • 2" H x 15" W x 12.5"

Order Numbers

  • JBS700P002 - Tester Unit

  • JBS700P004 - Tester Unit in Luggage Style Case

Load Switch Testers

Load-Switch Testers are used in the product testing to simulate the signal lamps. Very simple in its construction, the Load-Switch Tester is a circuit board with LEDs to simulate the actual signals. Load resistors are included on each lamp circuit, to draw enough current to allow the cabinet Conflict Monitor to operate properly. A ground wire is also included.

Used for testing NEMA Wired Cabinet, it replaces the bulky incandescent lamp banks that have been previously used. In addition to the small size it is easy to use, as it slips right under the normal terminal block screw terminals and eliminates the tedious hookup of individual lamp wires.

Load-Switch Testers are available for horizontal terminal blocks (ACP14735P001, ACP14493P001, and ACP15088P001) and vertical terminal blocks (ACP14492P001/P002 right/left facing).

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