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NextPhase Local Controller Software

A Next Generation approach structured to satisfy the most demanding of modern traffic signal control applications.

Designed to tap the power of advanced transportation controllers, such as the Model 2070, NextPhase is ideally suited for complex operations such as transit priority and multiple intersection applications. A next generation approach structured to satisfy the most demanding of modern traffic signal control applications, NextPhase is easily configured and maintained by field operations.

NextPhase intersection management software is a next-generation approach structured to satisfy the most demanding of modern traffic signal control applications. NextPhase is easily configured and maintained by field operations/maintenance personnel.

Open Architecture Support

These "open platform" ATC controllers separate hardware from application software by defining a common controller hardware platform upon which multiple application software packages from multiple developers can operate. Open systems protect agency investments and reduce life-cycle costs by assuring a mechanism for agencies to upgrade software and functionality without being tied to a single supplier for these upgrades. NextPhase was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of open platform ATCs and provide capabilities not previously available.

Intersection Management Package

NextPhase is more than just traffic signal controller software. It is a fully distributed intersection management package designed for optimal isolated or system coordinated management. The package can support extensive local traffic optimization capabilities and flexible coordinated operation. Communications capabilities include California's AB3418 and National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP).

NextPhase supports both NTCIP and AB3418 standard remote communication protocols.


  • 40 phases

  • 20 rings

  • 26 barriers

  • 20 overlaps

  • 10 preempts

  • up to 250 timing plans

  • Rings can operate independently

  • Any phase or overlap can be assigned for vehicle and/or pedestrian actuated operation

  • Software configuration flexibility

  • Cabinet Input/Output function mappings are completely user-definable. A single software version can support both NEMA, 170-type, and custom cabinet configurations.

  • Each field input (i.e. detector) can be assigned to act on any defined phase or overlap for vehicle and/or pedestrian actuation. Inputs can be combined via Boolean logic. A phase or overlap can have any number of assigned inputs.

  • Supports high-speed system communications using standard AB3418 or NTCIP protocols.

  • Easy-to-use menu driven user interface with spreadsheet style data entry and multi-table parameter database. Access to controller database may be password protected.
    Up to 250 timing sets including all timing parameters may be stored in the controller database.

  • All timing parameters can be changed by the time of day.

  • For ease of use, typical cabinet mappings and phasing configurations are pre-defined in the controller database and may be customized from there.

  • Optional interface to Adaptive Traffic Control Systems such as SCOOT or RHODES™ (Requires permission of the University of Arizona.)


The NextPhase software is designed to operate on the Model 2070 controller hardware and other compatible "open" ATCs.

The CALTRANS Model 2070 specification currently provides for different versions of the controller. The original Model 2070 (or 2070C) is configured for operation in a Model 33x(170-type) cabinet with standard "C" connectors. The Model 2070 NEMA-compatible is configured for operation in a NEMA cabinet using "A", "B", "C" and "D" connectors.

CALTRANS has recently developed multiple optional configurations for Model 2070ATC controllers. Some features such as the front panel display, CME bus, and power supply can be changed or omitted for applications not requiring the features of a fully equipped 2070 controller. These options allow for lower cost controller configurations while maintaining the same software compatibility and cabinet interface options. NextPhase will operate on any of the different Model 2070 controller configurations.

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