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TACTICS smartGuard

TACTICS smartGuard brings together a wealth of proven options and advanced features for superior traffic control and management from a remote location with secure internet connection.


TACTICS smartGuard is a smart and cost effective solution to manage multiple traffic intersections in a city. Built as a web-based hosted solution, TACTICS smartGuard enables performance of the most commonly used functions of a Traffic Management Center (TMC). Accessible via any webenabled device, TACTICS smartGuard eliminates the need for expensive and complicated IT infrastructure at the TMC. The city or agency benefits by having a highly secure TMC that is always maintained with the latest software reducing the need for ongoing capital investments.


  • Web-based Centrals Software

  • Simple and Easy to Use

  • Quick and Easy Deployment

  • Monitor and Control Capabilities

  • Flexible Procurement Models

  • Multiple Deployment Modes

  • Flexible Packaging


  • Two-stage security concept certified by TÜV

  • User name and password

  • For security relevant modifications Mobile PIN via SMS

  • Controller compatibility

  • Compatible with all SEPAC and EPIC controllers

  • All communication media supported

  • Monitoring of traffic objects

  • GIS-Map (OpenStreetMaps)

  • Dashboard & List functions

  • Visualization of historical operating data

  • Display of signal plan change

  • Display of detector time series

  • Display of device status changes

  • Managing (switching) of controller plans

  • User administration

  • Positioning of traffic objects

  • Service notification

  • Operation notification

  • Time-of-Day (configuration by Siemens)

  • Controller database backup and recovery (configuration by Siemens)

  • Up- and download of documentation (PDF, JPG, etc.) for each intersection

  • Support of: Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux


The two-level security architecture of TACTICS smartGuard ensures safe operation. To access monitoring functions, you’ll need to enter a username and password, but for active interventions, such as changing traffic light switching plans; you’ll need to enter an additional mobile PIN, which is sent to your mobile device.

First and foremost, Siemens will host and guard your system data on our own private servers, instead of putting critical data on a server in a public cloud.

In addition, Siemens has its own dedicated security group with experience handling issues that have consequences on scales both personal and global. National governments regularly consult our experts on matters of technology and information security. Healthcare providers rely on our systems for privacy and integrity of data and, internationally, we’ve developed security standards for communicating with traffic signal controllers.

TACTICS smartGuard is a flexible, economical and easy-to-use web-based mobile traffic control center that can protect your traffic signal data and the integrity of your operation. Nothing could be smarter, easier, more scalable or secure.

You’ve never been more in control.


Learn all about TACTICS smartGuard and how its innovative software enables you to monitor and control traffic signals with a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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