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Light rail vehicles and streetcars

Siemens is the market leader in light rail vehicles (LRV) in North America, having built more than 1000 rail vehicles for 17 cities in the US and Canada. One out of every three light rail vehicles in North America is a Siemens vehicle. Thanks to our many years’ experience and the knowledge lead we have acquired in recent years, we are a strong partner that you can rely on in every situation. For intra-urban traffic, our product portfolio includes light rail vehicles and streetcars.

Light rail vehicles

The S70 vehicle family was developed for the American market with a sophisticated platform concept, which allows maximum design flexibility. The S70 is of low-floor construction, ensuring a high degree of passenger comfort and optimal passenger flow. Its comfort and high travel speed make it an attractive alternative to the urban commuters. The S70 likewise meets the notably higher safety standards imposed on mixed traffic on full railway lines. The SD160 operate as high-floor light rail.


The streetcar utilizes the S70 super short light rail vehicle platform. Siemens’ low-floor S70 vehicles enable street level access – providing easy, street level boarding for passengers of all ages and abilities.

Siemens streetcar can connect service with a full-scale S70 light rail system, linking city and region without the need to change trains.

Sacramento Manufacturing Plant

From 5,000 pieces of steel to 26 miles of wire per light rail vehicle, Siemens produces these railcars 100% at the Sacramento plant – the only permanent light rail manufacturing plant on US soil.  Having provided vehicles to North America since 1975, the company opened a new assembly facility in South Sacramento in 1992. Three years later, a new $10 million facility was added to the location, preparing Siemens for the future growth and expansion of the North American transit market.

During 2002, Siemens began producing car shells for its S70 light-rail vehicles at the Sacramento facility. Previously, car shells had been produced in Carson, California or abroad. With this new activity in Sacramento, the Siemens facility became the only manufacturing facility on U.S. soil producing LRVs from carshell to final assembly.


An efficient railway operation requires effective service concepts. We can offer maintenance solutions matched perfectly to our customers’ present and future requirements.

Our comprehensive range of services offers flexible solutions for professional maintenance, spare parts supply, modernization and accident repair.

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