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Communications Based Train Control

The new generation of train control systems, Communications Based Train Control, provides trains with high-performance onboard intelligence. This technology can substantially improve traffic and transport capacity in metro transit systems.

Communications Based Train Control

Communication Based Train Control technology can substantially improve traffic and transport capacity in metro transit systems. With more than 15 references around the world, Trainguard MT CBTC is recognized as one of the most robust and proven CBTC solutions on the market.

Article: Slow Adoption of Modern Technology Hampers New York City Subway

Reliance on Antiquated Signaling System Adds to Delays, Inefficiency and Safety Risks for the New York City subway system, RPA Study Finds

RPA Report: Moving Forward May 2014

Accelerating the Transition to Communications-Based Train Control for New York City's Subways

Trainguard MT CBTC – Automatic Train Control System

The modular train control system Trainguard MT CBTC provides the signaling basis for attractive, reliable, and efficient mass-transit systems. The radio-based system allows a choice between fixed or moving block operation and achieves headways of 90 seconds. Trainguard MT CBTC includes functions for monitoring, implementation and control of the entire operating sequence. It can be implemented in different degrees of automation such as semiautomatic operation, operation under driver control, and driverless operation.

Trainguard MT CBTC is based on tried-and-tested automatic train control solutions such as Canarsie CBTC, which demonstrate Siemens’ expertise in the field of radio-based train control and brown field environment. Thanks to standardized interfaces, Trainguard MT CBTC is compatible with various different operation control systems, interlocking designs and track-vacancy detection systems.

Airlink – CBTC

Airlink CBTC is a radio-based data communications system providing a continuous high-capacity, bidirectional link between the trains and the wayside. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of a CBTC application and to fulfill the requirements of an urban rapid transit environment. Airlink CBTC is a proven, highly reliable and cost effective radio solution that perfectly fits our Trainguard MT CBTC system.

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