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Rail Communication

Siemens has led some of the largest deployments of communications solutions for rail operators in the United States. All these deployments have been able to help meet the complex requirements associated with such unique landscapes. Most all of our customer have the same requirements – high reliability, efficient service, long lasting technology and harsh environments to name a few. Siemens engineers understand these requirements and more and we are well equipped and trained to develop solutions mindful of these standard problems. 

Siemens is equipped to deliver communications solutions in any of the following areas – fiber optic backbone communications, voice and data networks, radio/wireless solutions, CCTV, SCADA networks, PA/CIS etc. It is typical for Siemens to deliver all or part of these solutions in one engagement, depending on the size of the project. Over the last decade Siemens has led communications projects in the U.S. valued at approximately $500M USD.

Railcom Manager – Communications Management System

The Railcom Manager communications management system provides access to all information, communication, and control systems via a single, integrated user interface in one system. The system has all relevant standard interfaces and is simple to configure and modify. This means maximum flexibility for retrofitting existing networks and infrastructure.

The system has continuously been enhanced – with new functionalities added. Siemens combines advanced technology with project management and process improvement techniques to reduce project implementation time. This enables upgrades to be carried out without disruption of rail traffic and with merely minimal safety risks.

Railcom Manager consists of the following modules:

  • Railcontrol Manager

  • Railasset Manager

  • Railsecurity Manager

  • Railinfo Manager

Communication Design Services

Siemens multi-disciplinary expertise in Communication Design includes:

  • Radio system: WIMAX, WiFi, LTE

  • Fiber Engineering: DWDM, 10 GigE, SONET

  • Video Design: Intrusion detection and mobility video

  • Voice Design: Turret based recording systems, VoIP

  • Advance IP services: MPLS, Multicast, Storage Area networking

  • SCADA design services: Profinet

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