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Electronic Interlockings

Electronic interlockings ensure that railways operate safely. They monitor and control train movements on the lines according to the operational requirements of the railway. Completely preassembled and tested interlockings designed, as modular containers, play a key role in cutting time and costs for installation and commissioning, and so help reduce investment costs.

Sicas S7 – Electronic Interlocking

The Sicas S7 electronic interlocking platform is designed specifically for North American rail systems. The system includes the interfaces and functionality required by North American operators and is compatible with existing products. An integrated coded DC track circuit and standard protocols are just some of the features that allow the Sicas S7 system to be easily implemented in most railroad systems. Sicas S7 is modular and scalable and uses a distributed architecture, which means that users are not longer constrained by a cardfile.

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