Commuter and regional trains

Today’s regional services must meet a wide range of different demands – depending on the region, the operator, and available connections to other forms of transport. This challenge can be optimally met with intelligent, flexible train concepts, along with vehicles from the push-pull train coach system.

Push-pull solution

Siemens has the world’s leading train technologies in its portfolio for all speed ranges and diverse requirements from rail systems that can run in speeds of up to 125 mph on  existing tracks, to systems built for speeds up to 220 mph and run on new alignments.

The push-pull solution has spacious modern interior and wide closed gangways, and can run on existing tracks. The push-pull system is the only high-power intercity train capable of running on diesel and electric traction without any modification of the passengers’ coaches. With diesel traction the coaches can run up to 125 mph, using electric locomotives the same coaches can be operated at speeds up to 155 mph.

Our push-pull solution offers you the range of functionality necessary for the economical operation of modern main line traffic – from individual coaches to system solutions, including locomotives.


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