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Rail Solutions

Siemens is committed to delivering safe, reliable and efficient rail vehicles built in the United States. As an international leader, Siemens combines all the expertise necessary in providing rolling stock and sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation. The rolling stock portfolio covers the full range of vehicles – from light rail vehicles, metros and coaches, to street cars. Siemens has experience in the areas of local, long distance and logistical transport to provide environmentally friendly rail solutions.

Rail Automation

Speed, reliability and convenience are what determine the attractiveness of modern trains – and their economic success. By these criteria, the optimum line usage and thus rail automatioin becomes the central issue. With our diverse portfolio, Siemens Mobility guarantees reliable operation.

Railway electrification

Siemens is your partner for tailor-made electrification solutions for mass transit. We implement solutions based on proven product solutions, thereby setting the standards. Your benefit: Efficient and reliable traction power supply and contact line systems.

Commuter and Regional Trains

Today’s commuter and regional services need to meet a host of different demands, depending on the region, operator and connections to other forms of transport. This challenge can only be met with intelligent, flexible train concepts – such as our push-pull solution.

Light Rail and Streetcars

The North American market leader in light rail manufacturing in the United States since the 1970s, one-third of light rail vehicles are Siemens vehicles
Our product portfolio for urban mobility includes light rail vehicles and streetcars.


Whether it’s vehicle length, passenger capacity or adaptation to specific climatic conditions – our standardized metros give you plenty of leeway. To meet your particular demand, we can combine our service-proven metro components with very specific modules to create a strong transit concept that’s right for you.

Components and systems

When it comes to traction systems, bogies and onboard power supplies, Siemens offers a complete range of electrical and mechanical components as well as system solutions for modern urban transportation vehicles. We also have many years of experience with urban transportation systems, as well as with the associated traction and bogie technology.


Our extensive range of services includes flexible solutions for professional maintenance, spare parts supply, modernization and accident repairs.

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