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Connecting the Twin Cities with Light Rail

Siemens S70 light rail vehicles help Metro Transit bring Minneapolis and St. Paul closer together through reliable public transportation

  • Delivery of fifty-nine S70 light rail vehicles (LRVs)

  • Enhanced safety, reliability and comfort

  • Uses 5%-6% less electricity than previous LRVs

About the Project

Twin City Light Rail Vehicle Solution

Initial Situation

Operated by Metro Transit, the new METRO Green Line connects residents of the Twin Cities with 23 stations between Target Field in downtown Minneapolis and the St. Paul Union Depot. Employing more than 5,000 workers, construction of the METRO Green Line is the largest public works project in Minnesota history.

Customer Challenges

To meet ridership goals, Metro Transit needed to provide commuters with a reliable and comfortable experience, year-round. This is especially challenging during harsh Minnesota winters. MetroTransit needed a LRV provider that could ensure in-service reliability, incorporate technical modifications to accommodate for the local climate, and guarantee on-time delivery in time for launch of service.

Our Solution

Metro Transit selected the S70 light rail vehicle from Siemens as its light rail vehicle of choice. The specifications of the S70 – named after the 70% low-floor design that is ideal for street-level operation in the United States – and the capabilities of Siemens engineering team combined to provide an ideal fit for Metro Transit.

To meet the cold weather challenge, Siemens made more than 1,000 customizations, large and small, to each LRV. The final S70 design incorporates many features that enhance safety, reliability and comfort on the METRO Green Line. The S70, which fits 230 passengers with space for bicycles and wheelchairs, is also about 6,000 pounds lighter than the previous LRV model used on Metro Transit’s Blue Line route. The lighter load offers greater efficiency, using 5%–6% less electricity.

About the Customer

Metro Transit is the transportation resource for the Twin Cities, offering an integrated network of buses, light rail and commuter trains as well as resources for those who carpool, vanpool, walk or bike. Its new METRO Green Line serves residents with 23 stations between Target Field in downtown Minneapolis and the St. Paul Union Depot.

Beginning service in June 2014, the METRO Green Line exceeded more than one million passengers in a single month by September 2014. Ridership is expected to grow to more than 40,000 passenger trips per day by 2030.

Additional Information

More METRO Green Line rides, less greenhouse gas emissions

Increased ridership on the METRO Green Line means a better environment for local residents; each trip on a LRV instead of in a car reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70 percent per mile. The Siemens S70 LRV helps the cause. At 6,000 pounds lighter than the previous LRV model used on Metro Transit’s Blue Line route the S70 uses 5%–6% less electricity. More efficient heating and cooling and the use of LED lights reduce energy consumption even further.

A reliable choice for light rail

With almost 1,300 light rail vehicles in operation throughout North America, Siemens has established a reputation for reliability. Siemens vehicles operating in the cold, Canadian cities of Calgary and Edmonton helped assure Metro Transit officials that it was up to the job of handling Minnesota winters.

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