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Where in the U.S. is #siemenslocomotive?

Amtrak Cities Sprinter: Built across America by Siemens

The first #Siemenslocomotive, the ACS-64, to arrive in the northeast region for field testing is scheduled to depart on June 27 from the West Coast. The shipment will depart from Emeryville, Calif. traveling across the United States through Salt Lake City, Utah and Chicago, Ill. arriving in Willmington, Del. on July 2, 2013. As the locomotive travels by rail across the U.S., people can get a glimpse of this high-efficiency, electric locomotive as it rolls out of Siemens’ Sacramento manufacturing plant destined for its new home in the northeast.

Follow the locomotive's journey across America's rails on Twitter and Instagram using #Siemenslocomotive and #Amtrak, and share your own photos when it rolls through your city.

Project Highlights:

  • Siemens and 69 local manufacturers in 23 states are part of a national community building state-of-the-art ACS-64 locomotives

  • 70 new locomotives are replacing ones that have been in service more than 25 years

  • Building the ACS-64 is providing work for: 69 suppliers, 23 states, 61 cities

  • Regenerative braking can feed up to 100% of the energy generated during braking back to the power grid

  • The 70 new locomotives could save over 3 billion kilowatt hours of energy

  • Increase energy efficiency could result in more than $300 million in saving over 20 years

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Siemens and 69 local manufacturers in 23 states are part of a national community building state-of-the-art ACS-64 locomotives.


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Data Sheet

The locomotive is a wide-body, doublecab design, suited for push/pull operation without turning and is equipped with a FastBrak New York Air Brake System and electroinally controlled pneumatic brake system.                                                  Key benefits and features:             View the fact sheet

When is the locomotive near you?

Supplier Map

California Zephyr Route - Train 6       6/27 – Emeryville, CA to Elko, NV
6/28 – Salt Lake City, UT to Denver, Co
6/29 – Lincoln, NE to Chicago, IL
Capitol Limited Route - Train 30        6/30 – Chicago, IL to Sandusky, OH
7/1 – Pittsburgh, PA to Wash. DC Special Route                                     7/2 – Wash. DC to Wilmington, DE

The next era of high-performance, energy-efficient locomotives will enable Amtrak to provide improved performance, reliability and mobility for regional and intercity routes along the country’s heavily-traveled Northeast and Keystone Corridors. A true “Made in America” manufacturing and technology transfer story, Siemens–a global leader in rail innovation–is producing the locomotives at its solar-powered rail manufacturing plant in Sacramento, California, with major components sourced from suppliers in 61 cities from 23 states.

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