Throughout a machine’s life cycle, more money is spent on O&M than on the original investment. Choosing the right O&M strategy will reduce cost – plus considerably extend the performance and useful life of the systems. Whether it’s only certain equipment (or the entire sorting center, including facility management), Siemens is able to provide the right service solution. Siemens holds more than 20 O&M contracts with postal administrations and airports worldwide – and offers specifically- customized programs. A whole set of modules is available which can be tailored to customers´ individual requirements.

The challenge

In today’s complex sorting centers, systems are running under high availability requirements. Every breakdown will have a serious impact on operational performance – and may reduce service quality in a sorting centre. Efficient cost management and improvements in quality of service are the challenges to be met by the postal and airport industries in the coming years. Properly scheduled and systematic O&M is the key to continuously successful operation. A cost-effective O&M program is necessary to ensure maximum uptime throughout the entire life cycle. The requirement:  to combine well-trained personnel with excellent technology at a reasonable cost.

The solution

To achieve this strong target, restrictive project management and effective procurement – along with organizational changes and full transparency towards the customer at any time and for all maintenance related figures – are necessary. Siemens fully supports their customers in pursuing their strategy of predictive rather than reactive O&M. At the same time, Siemens ensures that the systems fulfill the prevailing requirements on performance and reliability.

Based on the information gained from production statistics and operational experience, Siemens can make proposals throughout the duration of the project as to how the performance of all machines can be enhanced and how the skills of the operators in the sorting centre can be improved. As a key feature to make O&M transparent, to track improvements and to keep a high level of performance, e.g., a Computerized Maintenance Management System can be applied.

New concepts for partnership

New concepts of O&M are necessary to support new machines/system technology. Understanding the customer’s operation will include shared vision of their operations and supply chain. Siemens will apply this understanding to an O&M contract in order to provide value. O&M contracts are the best tool to provide partnership. The delivery of responsive quality service requires an investment in employees, infrastructure, call management, training and spare parts. Long-term planning and investment are best supported through such an O&M contract.

O&M Operation

O&M operation (e.g. Resident Services / On-site Maintenance) is provided by local Siemens staff. The number of technicians depends on the shift requirements, the qualification of the operating personnel and the givenperformance requirements. Examples for O&M Operation according to customers' requirements are:

  • Preventive maintenance (incl. cleaning) according to maintenance schedules

  • Technical operation support (i.e. immediate corrective maintenance to assure high system availability)

  • Training of operators to keep them informed on the current state of the art

  • Spares, expendable tear parts and consumable management

  • CMMS utilization

  • Regular performance check of operational performance parameters

  • Regular reporting and contact to the customer (according to defined KPIs)

  • Management of all on-site and support maintenance activities

  • Facility management

O&M Back-up Support

O&M Back-up Support is provided by Siemens headquarter with experienced experts who are involved from the beginning of the project provide enhanced backup support, training and services for sophisticated problems to the local technicians. Examples for O&M back-up Support according to customers' requirement are:

  • Helpdesk with Remote diagnosis 24h/365days, Emergency Service

  • Pro-active intelligent monitoring to identify problems and performance loss in advance

  • Remote IT services with system administration, health checks, SW updates

  • Disaster prevention & recovery, contingency planning

  • SW and documentation control

  • Access to experts in case of more sophisticated problems

  • Inspection/refreshment training/ maintenance audit

  • Spares delivery and repair service, Life cycle support

  • Initial CMMS control (filling and update of database)

  • Initial training of local technicians and operators

  • Ramp-up support during delivery phase

Capacity Plus

Capacity Plus is a service specifically dedicated to airport logistics providers (e.g. for passenger clearance), or for event managers of temporary fairs or sport events. If extra capacities are requested on a temporary basis, Siemens will provide a tailored solution within a short time:  a complete, temporary airport terminal, including check-in counters, safety systems for passengers and baggage, a complete baggage handling system and all required facilities and auxiliary systems. The solution comprises:

  • Requirement and feasibility analysis

  • Concept, design and implementation of solution according to customer requirements – within a short time

  • Provision of temporarily required staff for technical operation and maintenance (e. g. by subcontractor management)

  • Disassembly and removal at the end of the project life cycle

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