Transfer Vehicles

The function of a transfer vehicle (TV) is to transfer ULDs between transfer points and workstations at equal horizontal levels. TVs are used in a wide range of applications, serving as workstations for build-up and break-down or for retrieval of ULDs from dollies at airside.

SICARGO Transfer Vehicle (16 ft / 20 ft)

All Siemens TVs can be designed according to the customer’s individual requirements, whether for narrow (NEL) or wide edge leading (WEL), in a manual, semi-automatic, or totally automated procedure. It is possible to add various comfort and safety extras like an air-conditioned cabin, double operator control desk, profile gauges, contour-check, weighting scale, or friction drives.

SICARGO Elevating Transfer Vehicle (16 ft / 20 ft)

Elevating transfer vehicles in multi-level cargo-handling terminals are usually used in pure ULD storage systems with a high throughput and/or a high number of storage positions. The vehicles can reach an overall height of up to 16 meters. Storage systems higher than 16 meters are served by cargo storage system stackers. ETVs can be designed for narrow edge leading (NEL) or wide edge leading (WEL) systems. Numerous convenience and safety options make it very easy to meet additional customer requirements.

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