Integrated Mobility SolutionsIntegrated Mobility Solutions

Traffic on Freeways

Systems for dynamic traffic control continuously adapt to the current traffic situation and ensure optimum evolvement of the intended effects on both traffic flow and safety.

Unlimited Mobility

Siemens supplies all components required to this end from a single source and keeps things moving on freeways around the globe. We are proud of being one of the most sought-after partners worldwide for integrated solutions for road traffic technology. With our extensive know-how and our well-founded experience, we offer the expertise, technical competence, reliability and innovation that are required for your projects to succeed.

Regional Traffic Management Software

Siemens SITRAFFIC® Concert Regional System for integrated traffic management offers capabilities for active traffic management, freeway management, incident management, parking guidance and much more.

Innovative Solutions

Siemens innovates advanced design and technology to manage the increasing complexities of modern traffic. The challenges facing all municipalities across the US include an ever-increasing demand on diminishing resources coupled with growing traffic infrastructures.

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