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the Velaro has the best global references and is the optimum choice with top speeds up to 220 mph. Already in operation on some of the most successful lines in Germany, Spain, Russia and China, the Velaro is the perfect solution for the high-speed systems planned in the United States. Its ongoing evolution is based on our experience in design, production, service and maintenance in day-to-day international service. You’re sure to be impressed by its technology, flexibility, comfort, and efficiency.

Proven state-of-the-art technology

Meet a daily world-record holder: Velaro is the fastest series production trainset in the world, having reached a speed of 403 km/h without modifications. Whether it’s used as a high-class solution with outstanding riding comfort for businesspeople or a highly economical transportation system for large numbers of passengers, Velaro has long since moved beyond the concept stage. Spain’s Velaro E, for example, has been providing passengers with reliable service from Madrid to Barcelona for years. It covers the 625 km route in less than 2½ hours. The 8-car, 200 m long standard train configuration has a traction output rating of 8 MW. With punctuality exceeding 99% and traveling well over 500,000 kilometers a year, every train worldwide is delivering top performance.

Trend-setting engineering

Minimum service and maintenance costs were a key part of the Velaro platform from the very beginning. That’s why Velaros are designed using virtual reality. The state-of-the-art engineering process ensures excellent component accessibility and ease of maintenance right from the start. Based on a spatial 3D display of the original development data, any interface problems can be located and corrected in the development phase, and ease of installation and maintenance as well as ergonomics can be realistically assessed. The subsequent production process is based directly on the knowledge mapped in the data, thus ensuring quality and reducing development time.

Comprehensive flexibility

Experience shows that a state-of-the-art train must cater to different passenger and baggage loadings and provide different levels of comfort. The Velaro family meets all these requirements, making it the most versatile and comfortable high-speed platform of its kind. The multiple-unit concept with two bogies per car offers maximum useful space in the interior of all train configurations. The interior is structured according to the "empty shell" principle with a modular design. The result is clear advantages in terms of capacity and a great deal of flexibility to change with the seasons. To make more room for stowing baggage – for example, during vacation season – cars can be upgraded to shallower seat pitches or easily changed from first to second class.

Future-ready transportation and energy efficiency

An integral approach is essential for ensuring that modern rail systems remain viable into the future. In addition to next-generation technology and comfort, Velaro’s top qualities also include efficiency and environmental compatibility. Eight cars with two bogies each offer maximum transport efficiency over a 200-meter length. Up to 510 seats are possible with classic seating, and additional configurations provide space for up to 1,243 passengers, for the most energy-efficient transportation possible. Velaro is aerodynamically optimized: a fully elevated roof section reduces sonic boom in tunnels. Roof-mounted equipment is fully encased and the spoiler, nose, and front section have been aerodynamically refined. Energy efficiency is also enhanced by the feeding of surplus braking energy back into the power grid. The overall result is equivalent to a gasoline consumption of 0.33 liters per person and 100 kilometers – reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions that also benefit our environment.

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