High Speed Rail Solutions

The global leader in high speed rail, Siemens is committed to helping the U.S. build a 21st Century rail network that will revitalize city centers, create jobs and stimulate economic development while safeguarding the environment for future generations.

With more than 500 trains operating in nine countries on two continents, the Siemens Velaro high-speed train is the world’s fastest series-produced train, operating at speeds up to 220 miles per hour. With a fuel consumption of nearly 700 miles per gallon per passenger seat, the Velaro is also one of the most energy efficient high-speed trains on the market today. Innovative and adaptable, the Velaro is the perfect fit for America's future high-speed rail network, capable of being manufactured right in our Sacramento, California plant.

The Velaro High Speed Train in International Service

Velaro D in Germany

For use in Germany, as well as in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. An intelligent brake control unit distributes the braking power between the pneumatic and generator-type brake systems. As a result, the Velaro D can not only accelerate rapidly, but also decelerate just as quickly and safely.


    One standard platform can be customized in terms of capacity, comfort, and amenities.

    The Velaro is a versatile top performer with speeds reaching up to 220 miles per hour. Varying carbody widths and trainset configurations have been built and – typical of Velaro – are already in service. Having traveled well over 500 million miles and with punctuality exceeding 99%, Velaro is far ahead of the rest.

    High Efficiency

    The Velaro saves money with every trip, moving passengers with high efficiency and travelling with the equivalent of only one gallon of fuel per passenger over a distance of 700 miles. Optimized aerodynamics and a smart driver assist system make this high-efficiency travel possible, and the electric brake system actually feeds energy back into the grid.

    Maintenance Package

    Siemens does not just deliver a train – you get
    the whole package, a dependable partner and
    reliability you can count on for the life of your
    investment. With Velaro, you benefit
    from the accumulated experience of maintenance
    contracts and depot operations in the
    U.K., Russia, and Spain. Our expertise keeps the  Velaro running smoothly and you can decide which plan is best for your fleet. All the Velaro’s systems and components are designed to run smoothly, while virtual reality simulations make maintenance a snap and allow for much longer service intervals. In addition, the “empty tube” principle means that the entire design can be quickly customized to unique and specific capacity requirements or new passenger needs.

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