High-speed rail

Highly developed, future-ready connections are required to enable the fast, reliable, cross-border linkage of urban population centers. These connections must meet the ever-higher standards for punctuality, comfort, service, and flexibility imposed by passenger demands – as well as the increasing requirements of operators for cost efficiency and quality. Our high quality standards are based on Siemens’ use of first-rate materials; the appeal of our designs is their reliable and well-established technology. Intelligent, integrated solutions and virtual design capabilities are the foundations of our complete systems. These are some of the principles we apply in building train platforms that impress rail operators, investors, and passengers worldwide – eco-friendliness, low maintenance requirements, and modularity – in high-speed rail.

Velaro – High-speed platform

Top-flight performance in high-speed rail traffic provides an eco-friendly, future-ready alternative to aircraft and cars. Today, the Velaro has an experience lead of ten years. The revolutionary move (away from concentrating the traction equipment in power cars operating in push-pull mode, towards a distributed traction configuration) was an advance made by Siemens in the 1990s.

For true high-speed segments, the Velaro has the best global references and is the optimum choice with top speeds up to 220 mph. Already in operation on some of the most successful lines in Germany, Spain, Russia and China, the Velaro is the perfect solution for the high-speed systems planned in the United States.

Going green at speeds up to 220-mph, the Velaro is very energy efficient. It has a fuel consumption of nearly 700 miles per gallon per passenger seat, making it one of the most environmentally friendly high-speed trains on the market today.

Passenger coaches - Push-pull solution

Siemens passenger coaches are designed to ensure ongoing low energy and maintenance costs and adaptability to prevailing traffic volumes. The push-pull solution has spacious modern interior and wide closed gangways, and can run on existing tracks. The push-pull system is the only high-power intercity train capable of running on diesel and electric traction without any modification of the passengers’ coaches. With diesel traction the coaches can run up to 125 mph, using electric locomotives the same coaches can be operated at speeds up to 155 mph.

Bringing the push-pull solution to North America will elevate intercity passenger rail to a new level of convenience, while providing passengers with a higher level of comfort. The state-of-the-art design results in reduced fuel consumption, thereby lowering the operating costs for the railroad.


An efficient railway operation requires effective service concepts. We can offer maintenance solutions matched perfectly to our customers’ present and future requirements.

Our comprehensive range of services offers flexible solutions for professional maintenance, spare parts supply, modernization and accident repair.

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