Water Meters

Water Drop

Many municipalities provide a range of utility services such as water, electricity, or gas, often representing a significant source of revenue. To protect this revenue stream and provide reliable, continuous utility service to citizens, the municipality must maintain and service the utility meters, and bill both business and residential customers for their consumption.

For water meters, the accuracy of water measured through the meter declines over time, which can mean that municipalities collect less revenue than expected or required to offset the cost of consumption. In addition, municipalities with older meters typically collect billing data through manual utility usage readings, an inefficient and potentially inaccurate process.

Replacing aging and inaccurate water meters, as well as installing automated meter reading (AMR) technology, can provide municipalities with the opportunity to enhance revenue by capturing lost and unaccounted for water, reduce operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, and generate savings from lower water meter reading costs.

Additional benefits include:

  • More efficient meter reading and billing

  • Increased reading accuracy, reflecting actual water consumption of consumers

  • Improved cash flow for the municipality

  • Fewer rate increases to consumers

  • Reduced water loss and waste through more frequent meter readings

  • Improved customer service for the city’s customers

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