Solar PPA

The Solar PPA program

With our PPA program, Siemens designs, builds, constructs, implements and maintains the solar energy equipment on your property. Siemens then sells the resulting power to you over the course of the PPA agreement.

With demand for solar power on the rise, more and more entities are looking for cost-effective solutions for taking advantage of this clean, sustainable energy resource. This program allows you to procure solar power from Siemens with equipment that Siemens makes, builds, maintains, and owns on your behalf. Using that equipment, you purchase solar energy from Siemens at a competitive price per kilowatt hour, paying only for the power that is generated on your property. With the Siemens Solar PPA, you can contribute to the renewable energy movement and take advantage of solar power without owning or investing in the equipment, thus minimizing any financial or technical risk.

Minimizing financial risk

By purchasing solar energy from Siemens and paying only for power that is produced on the property, you can minimize the financial risk that might otherwise be involved in a solar energy project. With Siemens Solar PPA, there is no-up front capital investment, thus concerns over loan payments or defaults and budgeting for ongoing equipment maintenance are eliminated. Solar power purchased through a Siemens Solar PPA program can also generate savings on your electric bill, which can be added back to your operating budget.

Streamlining the process

The Siemens Solar PPA program also eliminates third party financing and sub-contracted maintenance, streamlining the solar energy process. You have a single partner for the entire project lifecycle: financing, design, construction, implementation, and maintenance. Siemens is the only PPA program partner that can manage the entire project, and has the equipment, expertise, and solar resources positioned nationwide.