Utility Bill Management

Energy and Carbon Data Management

In order to succeed in data intensive energy markets, solutions are required that place important energy, carbon and sustainability data right on your desktop. This allows you to spend less time collecting and validating information and more time developing strategies, performing analysis, and managing corporate-wide initiatives.  At Pace Global, we leverage our global market presence and operating scale to capture information and deliver it through advanced web-based systems at costs far less than can be achieved on a stand-alone basis.

Our energy operations center manages the collection and quality control of our customers’ data and online energy and carbon management systems – which we call the ECM HubSM.  By properly managing and evaluating the accuracy of utility invoice and contract information, immediate and recurring savings can be identified and captured that more than cover the cost of the data services and often the entire cost of a broad-based, corporate wide energy and carbon management program.

Utility Invoice Auditing and Management

Avoid over-payment with expert invoice validation.

Verifying the accuracy of your supplier invoices is a prudent step in any energy management process and one that can yield immediate return. As an important part of our energy data management services, Pace Global applies a series of systematic validation checks to search for errors based on anomalies related to usage and cost patterns for each facility type. Utility invoices that fail validation checks are flagged and evaluated by a trained energy analyst. Irregularities identified by this auditing process routinely include higher-than-average usage or dollar amounts, meter misreads, duplicate invoices, overlapping service dates and utility billing errors. When invoice discrepancies arise, we work directly with the supplier on your behalf to ensure that all utility invoices are corrected and erroneous fees avoided.

Save time and money with aggregated payments.

Pace Global also offers aggregated comprehensive payment solution which helps you reduce the cost of paying invoices by aggregating payment obligations into a single funding request. This solution optimizes supplier payment issues to ensure your company is safeguarded from late payment fees and numerous other risks that are involved in energy and commodity supply.

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