Applications for Desigo® Mass Notification

Desigo ® Mass Notification can integrate fire, security, building automation and communication systems to deliver emergency protection and powerful communication technology in any building. Whether it’s in a single building, on a large campus, or across a wide geographic area, Desigo Mass Notification meets the challenge of trying to reach people wherever they are. Desigo Mass Notification is a scalable and flexible solution to fit a wide range of mass notification needs.

Desigo Mass Notification can be used effectively in a wide array of settings: colleges and universities, corporate offices and other campus environments including, military bases, commercial buildings, financial institutions, and industrial facilities just to name a few.

Siemens understands that in some cases certain components are required in ordered to meet building codes or government standards in certain industries. Desigo Mass Notification lets you put together the right combination of hardware, infrastructure, and software to make sure that what ever your business, whatever the occasion, you have the power to reach them all.

Desigo Mass Notification serves a multitude of markets, including:

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