Ensure every emergency communication finds its intended recipient.

Truly effective communication is about more than getting the message out; it’s about ensuring that the message gets through. So no matter where people are, Siemens mass notification solutions can help you reach them. Messages come across networked devices like personal computers and LED signs; alerts broadcast over outdoor loudspeakers can be heard clearly from miles away; cell phones and other personal devices quickly receive targeted messages.

Any message. Every location.

With Siemens mass notification solutions, you have a plan for contacting people as efficiently and accurately as possible, wherever they are.


Reach people anywhere in your building by interfacing with televisions, monitors and scrolling digital signs. Messages can also be sent to every computer and phone on your network and through existing fire alarm and speaker systems.


Meet the challenge of vast distances and noisy outdoor environments. With powerful voice systems, digital signage and strobes you can get their attention and deliver your message with maximum clarity.

At Your Side.

Efficient and precise, you can send messages directly to any cell phone, landline phone and email address no matter the location.

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