Site Controls Energy Management Platform for Enterprise Chain Operators

Designed for retail, restaurant and banking chains with 100 sites or more, Site Controls provides an integrated energy management solution, consisting of hardware, software and professional services, to intelligently monitor and control energy consuming devices across your enterprise. By reducing energy use and maintenance costs from 15 – 25%, Site Controls customers achieve payback within 24 months or less, and return on investment (ROI) of 50 – 75%. Additional benefits include operational visibility, consistent customer experience, support for environmental sustainability initiatives, and revenue generation and corporate citizenship through Intelligent Load Management. As a cloud-hosted solution, the Site Controls Data Center provides sophisticated analytics and operational dashboards without the IT and administrative costs of on-premise computing.

Client Services

A key differentiator of the Site Controls methodology is the dedicated Client Services Manager. Your Client Service Manager provides domain knowledge as it relates to energy efficiency and ultimately, lowers your total capital and operating energy expenditures. Your Client Service Manager works closely with your team to apply the necessary resources to your program to ensure success, including:

  • Conducts service and Data Center training

  • Crafts and implements supporting process functions

  • Serves as your voice to Site Controls extended team

  • Provides insight into industry trends and developments

  • Sets strategic objectives and executes tactics to achieve those goals

  • Conducts monthly key performance indicator reviews

  • Holds quarterly and bi-annual Business Reviews for stakeholders

Intelligent Load Management

Demand Response (DR) programs are designed to indirectly benefit the grid and the utilities that serve them and directly benefit participating businesses by providing financial incentives and the ability to keep businesses operating by avoiding a blackout. Traditional demand response programs have been manual, or semi-automated, requiring management resources to administer, and placing the stores at risk. With Intelligent Load Management, chain operators can maximize DR revenues while reducing risk, through an automated, aggregated platform.

Site Controls Intelligent Load Management provides unique functionality, including:

  • Allows you to set specific business rules around your participation. These rules allow you to decide what devices within your facility you want to include based on the severity of the grid event.

  • Enables energy reduction at your sites to occur through a variety of methods, including cycling your HVAC units, increasing air conditioning set‐points, turning off a portion of your lighting, and controlling the use of other energy‐intensive processes. This means that if an event is called the platform polls every enrolled site on the network and takes out the least consequential load first.

  • Is entirely automated so there is no need for any manual participation within your facilities and it allows us to participate in Automated Demand Response programs, which provide higher incentive payments to participating businesses.

Cloud Based Data Center

A key component of the Site Controls platform is the cloud-based Data Center that provides advanced energy reporting, operational dashboards, and comprehensive site analytics.

Utilizing a secure, persistent Internet connection, the Site Controls Data Center constantly verifies that the Controller and its peripheral sensors/controllers are performing correctly. Reliability is further enhanced because the system was designed to operate autonomously, and independently of outside control according to a preconfigured rule set. That rule set provides ongoing calendar schedule based HVAC control, lighting control and dynamic load control based on local site conditions. Local control is never compromised if the broadband connection is unavailable.

The Site Controls Data Center features sophisticated analytics and dashboards. As a hosted solution, it is continually updated with new capabilities and enhancements which encapsulate business requirements across our customer base, resulting in lower cost of ownership and access to industry best practices.

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