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Buildings throughout the U.S. use approximately 20% of all energy consumed annually. As national energy costs soar, building owners and property managers are looking for low-risk solutions to reduce electricity and natural gas consumption in their buildings.

Siemens offers Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), to identify opportunities for no-cost and low-cost methods to improve your facility and reduce your energy spending.

The EBCx Service Definition

Existing Building Commissioning is an auditing service applied to existing buildings, with the intent to identify operational and infrastructure deficiencies. Through an analysis of utility costs, operational needs, and equipment performance, an EBCx audit report clearly identifies deficiencies and measures (Facility Improvement Measures-FIMs) to improve facility performance. Siemens EBCx follows a formal process and uses standard templates for testing, documenting, and planning building inefficiencies and improvement measures. The service provides value to building owners by:

  • Reducing energy consumption

  • Mitigating carbon emissions thereby reducing overall carbon footprint

  • Contributing to LEED certification (up to 6 points)

EBCx is a one-time consulting service where an Energy Engineer and Service Technician partner to audit a facility and develop a plan to improve efficiency.

Energy Saving Potential

Research by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories states that Existing Building Commissioning projects provide savings of 10% to 20% with an average simple payback slightly over 1 year. These projects are low-risk investments with an average cash-on-cash return on investment greater than 90 percent. Cost savings for EBCx projects are expected to last 3 to 5 years. They are among the most cost effective energy program available.

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