FIS 2144 – ZEUS XLS Programming Tool

Overview: Learn how to design, modify, test or otherwise use the XLS custom system software logic configuration tool (ZEUS) and how to use the software logic to design an XLS Fire Alarm System. Every ZEUS function used for fire systems will be discussed as well as each different type of input and output.

Participants: Persons responsible for programming a FireFinder XLS system or for administering the ZEUS programming tool.


You Will Learn To:

Basic System Operation

• Install and navigate through the ZEUS software.
• Apply ZEUS and XLS security.

Ten Steps to Programming

• Use the steps from project specifications to compiling your configuration.

Logic Functions

• Understand basic and complex logic including inputs and outputs.
• Understand logic and timer functions.

Functional Block

• Create functional block diagrams.


• Create functional diagrams to de-bug your program.

Workshop Exercises

• Apply the ten steps to programming.
• Design XLS Fire System configurations.

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of FIS 2114.

Course Length: Four days ending at noon on the fourth day.

CEUs: 2.7

Additional Information: This class does not teach voice programming functions.  Students are required to bring a laptop computer to training.  The laptop should not have the programming software installed.

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