FIS 4134 – NCC – Network Command Center

Overview: Learn to monitor and control an MXL, XL-3 or XLS System using the Network Command Center (NCC).

Participants: Persons responsible for engineering, installing or maintaining an NCC system.


You Will Learn To:


• Define the NCC and explain how it monitors and controls MXL, XL-3 and XLS systems.


• Describe hardware interfaces with MXL, XL-3 and XLS systems.
• Describe the hardware required to operate the NCC.


• Explain the NCCNT-G/GI and NCCNT WAN and how they are used.
• Describe the NCCNT-G family of products.
• Understand licensing requirements.

Workshop Exercises

• Install the NCC.
• Configure an NCC System.
• Import and modify graphics.
• Operate a network system using NCC.
• Configure macros and time events.

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of FIS 1114 or FIS 2114.

Course Length: Four days ending at noon on the fourth day.

CEUs: 2.7

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