FIS 9102 Desigo Life Safety UL 50 PT

Overview: Learn to install, operate, maintain, test, troubleshoot and program the Desigo Fire Safety 50-point panel system (FC2005). The custom software, FXS901-U2 configuration tool, will be used to transfer customer programs to the Desigo Fire Safety system. Changes will be made to installed software during the course.

Participants: Persons responsible for engineering, installing or maintaining a Desigo Fire Safety system.


You Will Learn How To:

Basic Control Unit

• Acknowledge Alarms, Supervisories, Troubles and Securities at the panel.
• Silence the panel.
• Reset the panel.


• Add devices to the database using FXS901-U2 configuration tool.

Menu Functions

• Use panel menu functions.
• Configure and print reports.
• View and change detector sensitivities.
• Enable and disable points.

Desigo Fire Safety Configuration Tool (FX901-U2)

• Create a Desigo Fire Safety configuration.
• Transfer configurations to the Desigo Fire Safety System.

Basic System Operation

• Install and navigate through the FXS901-U2 software.

Programming Steps

• Use the steps from project specifications to compile your configurations.

Control Functions

• Understand basic and complex control logic including inputs and outputs.
• Understand control logic and timer functions.

Workshop Exercises

• Operate and test the Desigo Fire Safety Systems.
• Test and inspect a Desigo Fire Safety System per NFPA 72 standards.
• Apply the programming steps.
• Design a Desigo Fire Safety system configuration.

Prerequisites:  Working knowledge of addressable fire alarm systems and IBM computers is assumed. Students must complete web-based training before attending this class – FIS 900 Desigo Fire Safety System Overview.

Course Length: Two days ending at noon on the last day.

CEUs: 1.10

Additional Information: Students are required to bring a laptop computer to training.

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